Salam, Hello, my name is Hamid Kountchib. I am a Moroccan and I have been interested in business opportunities published on the internet for two years in order to develop a prosperous activity.

In fact, I allow myself to say that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I am among those who never give up, so I had always sought to take advantage of this internet jungle which provides new solutions that meet the needs of a struggling economy.

Two essential points attract me to this industry known as the 21st-century industry: First point, this industry allows you to set up your own business with a very minimal cost by reducing expenses such as the costs of premises, staff, advertising, etc.

The second point, this industry saves more money by sacrificing little of its time. This is the example of network marketing offered by many companies with turnkey solutions allowing everyone to become an independent salesperson and to create their own business by developing and marketing products adapted to new needs.

Wearing by joining several network marketing companies, I have experienced failures, scams, and small successes. Today I have just discovered a gigantic opportunity that will revolutionize the internet sector and which will bring new turnkey web solutions that meet our expectations and aspirations.

The ONPASSIVE Company was proposed to me by a friend, from its first descriptions I felt deep vibrations which were born in me and which had given me positive and intense energy. Since the founder is an Arab, the kind Mr. Ash.

Since ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence closely linked to the human brain. Since ONPASSIVE is an ecosystem bringing together versatile and improved tools, applications of the latest technologies. Since ONPASSIVE allows business automation.

Given the undetermined number of advantages that ONPASSIVE offers us and given this golden opportunity to become a founder. I did not hesitate a moment and I joined by activating my account when I registered.

I thank my friend who opened my eyes and encouraged me to enter the door of success. I really appreciate Mr. Ash Mufareh and his team, I am so happy to be a founding member of ONPASSIVE. With ONPASSIVE we have no limits.