funding member of ONPASSIVE

Hi! A few flashes of myself! For the past 40 years I have been and remained an active participant in economic life. During this time, I have experienced many things. I was employed by a physical company, a manager, and my own company. Each had its own advantages and disadvantages, which I would not go into detail, but surely they carry all forms of heights and depths.

A business is always multi-player, and success depends greatly on the attitude and not the attitude of the affiliated partners. I was also looking for new opportunities through entrepreneurship, so over the last 20 years I have come across many new opportunities and started to get to know online opportunities.

What I was trying to learn about online businesses was that I didn’t have to go to the obligatory lectures personally, travel hundreds of miles, but manage my business from the comfort of home. The Internet opens up wonderful and endless possibilities without borders, but it also presents dangers.

I had some successes, but I lost a lot and didn’t get the level I expected, so I started to cut down on this kind of marketing. But being part of a big team, I always find opportunities and a new turn in my life in October 2018.

GoFounders came, which was shown with great enthusiasm by Éva Farbas. I have been collecting all the information ever since, I am getting more and more excited! I know this is the best choice of my life and I am grateful to be a founding member of ONPASSIVE! Sincerely Antalné Reiter