onpassive the comfort zone

Today I saw a post on Facebook with the headline ‘Living with a disabled child is a fulltime job’.

My first thought was ‘Yes that’s like running an online business and have the interest of helping newbies, that’s a fulltime job as well. Then I got ashamed because who am I to think people are like a disabled kid. Then I thought ‘But it is right’, it is a fulltime job, and many people are like kids’. They need to be taken by the hand and also need to be told what to do from A-Z and how to do it. Sometimes we even have to do it for them.

A thing I have always found easy and simple is to follow a step by step plan and have always expected that other people could do that too. But no-no-no. Some can’t do it or maybe it is because they are scared of leaving their comfort zone which is what holds them back. It’s the easiest thing but only if you can allow yourself to go there. It is here that my limits steps in.

I simply do not have the patience, or lifetime for that matter, to lift people out of their comfort zone if they’re not willing to try and accept failure as just an opportunity to give it another go.

One of the hardest things for humans to do must be to get out of our comfort zone. We all have that opportunity, yet so few do it. But it’s the only way if we want what we’ve never had. Freedom, money and the time to spend and use both.

Let’s take for instance Facebook. The world’s largest social media. Millions and millions of people are on Facebook 24/7.

To read and share posts, write and comment on posts. Yet there are a majority of people who hardly dare to respond to a post, not to say comment on it. I can understand that. I remember when I stuck my nose out there one of the first times and made a comment, I actually, had to defend what I had written. That scared me because what if my argument wasn’t good enough.

If people have tried the same, no wonder they were scared. But it’s a no go zone. If you want to be something, to go anywhere, it can’t help us hide. If you can’t be outgoing, you have nothing to do in the networking world. Sorry but no one has any use of a silent mentor and the mentor has no use of partners who do not dare to speak up or even to ask if things are complicated.

The result for me has been that until the last 2 years I’ve never had any real success and have learned to live with it. Yet I’ve still been looking, trying, searching and have found 3 businesses I expect a lot from.

When Facebook arrived I thought I would take advantage of it and build some business from there. Sigh… I had to realize that I was way behind and had NO clue, what so ever, about what I was doing, not to say what I had to do. All the so-called big guys were already doing their thing. Still, I understood it was a struggle for them as well. So I leaned back and accepted fate yet one more time.

Still, I just knew that my time will come. It was just about being patient (gosh I’ve used that word many times) to see and find that business when it comes. At the same time, it wasn’t new to me what could be done with coding, my brother is a developer, and somewhere deep down inside I knew it was just a question about time before someone with the skills to do that work, saw the same problems as myself and came up with the perfect solution. Then I would be ready to strike 🙂

And here we are with ONPASSIVE. The ultimate opportunity for newbies, strugglers and professionals. Pay and plug. How much more easily can it be?

At the same time, we have another example of how fearful and scared people are of leaving their comfort zone. In spite of the fact that ONPASSIVE have pictures, videos, loads of groups with people who are eager to assist and help, sharing these videos and pictures, seems to be like Mount Everest to climb for most people, an impossible task. Some people simply don’t have it in them.

Now you’re in the right spot. With ONPASSIVE you do not need to promote. You CAN promote, to speed things up a little when ONPASSIVE launches or you can choose to be patient and accept that success WILL ARRIVE, just some month later than what could be if you worked a little more. If you want to speed up the process, you better learn how to get out of that comfort zone of yours.

Either way, ONPASSIVE is created to help people who can’t or do not have the guts or skills to BREAK OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE and build an already perfected business, once and for all. If you’re too scared of making that break you’re destined to always be struggling with a dream stuck in your heart. Let go of that fear and trust someone cowers your back. If you can imagine a business do all the shitty, gritty, nitty, boring, scary, repeatable work FOR you, then you’re at the right place. You’ll just need to be patient for another little while AND to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.