Faith, Hope, and Love, It’s the faith that made us see what others do not see, the hope that kept us holding on for all this time and the Love that has and continues to make us dream bigger and bigger each day. 

The Love in this community of ONPASSIVE is the glue that has kept us all together, through many waters it’s the Love that kept us for God was with us, rivers did not sweep us away because we had faith and flames of fire did not burn us because of the hope we held onto. 

It’s bigger than any of us imagined… it’s is planned in the eternity past! Soon to be witnesses by many!! Thank you, God, for Mr. Ash Mufareh, his family, the LC Members, the staff, and all founders! 

What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has entered into the heart of man… these are the things kept for those who love Him Who created all things seen and unseen!