I really felt the approach of the realization of all my dreams

realization of all my dreams

With ONPASSIVE, this unexpected opportunity, I really felt the approach of the realization of all my dreams. I even touch the happiness that dominates the horizon. I love the fate that offered me this wonderful opportunity and I have the right to love you all founders, Mr. Ash until the last member.

Hassan Ait Lhaj

onpassive founder
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  • Avatar Cyndee Hopkins

    Hassan, you put in to words exactly what I feel, when I ponder all that Ash Mufareh, our CEO, is offering us with this one of a kind business that will ROCK THE WORLD very very soon. We have such a caring, loving, Global Family of Founders, I feel blessed every single day to be one of over 57000 Founders……….and growing and growing! Of course, you and I know, along with the thousands of other Founders, ONPASSIVE offers never seen before technology and every tool imaginable to have enormous online success with any business, including ONPASSIVE! Thank you, Hassan, for voicing what I also feel!

    9 months ago | 7 February, 2020 5:53 am Reply
    • Hassan Ait Lhaj Hassan Ait Lhaj

      No thanks to you, dear, my greetings and appreciation to you for your beautiful words and good impressions, we are all fortunate in this great achievement that will allow us to achieve happiness for us and others.

      9 months ago | 7 February, 2020 3:21 pm Reply

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