absolute legend

I’m shocked by how quick the founders’ numbers are climbing on a daily basis. I think we’re all starting to realise how big this company really is, then the marketing campaign imagines how quick numbers will grow then, I vision majority of founders will be smiling ear to ear and all this excitement before launch wow.

I’m so happy I joined in August 2018 and many of the founders on my team were signed up 2018-2019, judging by how many paid founders will be coming in at least level 2 with 83000 founders to date, this surely is one of the best decisions I have made in my life knowing I signed up my nearest and dearest and 2 accounts I took out for 2 people who in my heart I know will benefit from my efforts after launch, I’m happy I put aside my failures in online marketing and trusted Mr Clinton Tyler Jr my sponsor his words were simple trust me on this one it will be huge, we have an amazing community of like-minded positive people with good intentions.

Mr Ash is an absolute legend thank you so much for your generosity and vision, good people pass through our lives very rare but sometimes we all need to trust a process which is out of our control, I’m glad I trusted this vision at a time of maybe 1500 founders, my future is bright, all the founders future is bright and also with compassion we all have the means and tools and an army of good people to ensure the lives of millions will be impacted by our generosity and hearts, together we have the responsibility to change the lives of many people globally let’s create a planet of equality together love and light to you all