I remember when Ash started GoFounders/OnPassive on a Note Pad thinking it would be nice to have 5 to 10 thousand Founders to launch his Dream.  I remember talking with him on the phone and feeling the Love and Passion he had for this Dream of His.  Dreaming of making this World a Better Place for Everyone.  Telling me how one Forest in Russia had enough wood to build a Home for Every Man and Women of the World the size of The White House. I remember him telling me how even though I’m an Old Man I can succeed. And now here we are with over 99000 Founders World Wide.  

The Determination Ash’s Dream has Hit this World with a Great Sense of Love and Passion towards our Fellow Men and Women of the World and I can only say this.   Ash May God Bless and Take Care of You and Your Families for What You are Doing for the People of this Fallen Down World. You are Beautiful and You Have a God-Given Heart. Thank You Thank You Ash and everyone who is helping this Dream Come Through    We Love all You Beautiful Men and Women of The World.   God Bless all of You for making this Happen from the Bottom of my Heart