wonderful and hardworking CEO

There is a big thank you to everyone for your kind words in response to our update and for your continued support.

Here are just a few of the many messages that have been posted here in Community or sent via the Inbox….

“Greetings Ken and thanks for that magnetic piece of write up. I really got fired up once again and promise to rise from my slumber and be more participatory in this our once-in-a-lifetime mega project. Courage to Ash and to you I wish more grease to your elbows.”

John Kwende, Cameroon.

“Thanks Ken Russo, for the excellent 1st ‘General Update’. Concise, well explained, and to the point. Nice work!”

Peter Quinn – United Kingdom

“Lets remember to give thanks to our wonderful and hardworking CEO MR. ASH MUFAREH and his team, Leadership council and for the wonderful job they are doing to keep us focus on this unbelievable journey. WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT.”

Theodore Williams – United States

“I would like to Thank Ash and Teams and our awesome leadership council for all you all are doing for us every day. All the new updates have been such a blessing. Looking forward to our upcoming webinar with Ash. We are getting closer and closer to reaching the summit together such exciting times. Words cannot ever fully express the depth of gratitude I know we all feel.”  

Clementine McCrowey – United States

“I want to say a word of appreciation to our leadership council. I truly love and appreciate each one of you. And of course, a HUGE thanks to Mr Ash and his team who are working hard to make all of us RICH.”

John Harder – Mexico

It’s nice to see that our general update (now posted on the Leadership Council page) has provided some inspiration and motivation to many of our fellow Founders.

Thanks again to everyone and stay safe!!