Leadership Team

You never get too old to learn new things. In my whole long life, I don’t believe I have ever been associated with such a group of good people as Mr. Ash has put together here. ONPASSIVE, GoFounders, ONPASSIVE Blog, Tech Staff, Legal Dept., Support Group. I thought I had seen it all. Our Community and Leadership Council are my escape from the Unrest and Covid-19 attacks going on in the world today. I so enjoy reading the posts in the Community and enjoy more the responses to the posts. It’s so educational and fun. I start my day with a frown on my face but when I leave our Community, I have a smile on my face. That’s power. This is a place of hard work but the work is so rewarding. Thank you, Mr. Ash, for the Leadership Team, our GoFounders, and Staff for making it all possible. I will see you at the top.