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Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving out of research labs and into the business world quicker than we thought. Across thousands of industries, top leading businesses are harnessing its power — from financial evaluating numerous data points in seconds to identify frauds to the deployment of Chatbots by call centers to enhance customer interactions.

To meet the never-ending expectations of a customer in a digitally-driven world, companies are now seeking to get their hands on huge amounts of real-time data and create personalized consumer experiences to offer the required services to their customers. As such, they are rapidly employing modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and cognitive methods, among others.

According to a recent study, AI is expected to result in a change in global revenues from nearly $8 billion in 2016 to higher than $47 billion in 2020, across a broad range of industries.

From Apple’s Siri to Uber’s self-driving cars, the evolution of artificial intelligence has been transformational and is trying to reproduce human intelligence, characteristics, intellect, and behavior. 

While experts have warned the world against the risks and hazards that come with fully developed and self-aware AI machines, the market can be expected to proliferate. 

Let us see how ONPASSIVE is the door to your business success:

Multi-businesses within Single Platform

Handle multiple businesses with a single platform offered by ONPASSIVE. Picking the best business management tools for your business becomes more complicated when you focus on the integration of those tools. 

ONPASSIVE business management tools automate tasks and save you time, money, efforts, however, streamlining the mixture of solutions that can be combined to work and turn all your efforts into progress. With the help of an all-in-one business management tool, you spend less time working on your business and provide handy solutions to your customers on the spot.

Staff Manager for Modern Business

Build your team to the best from handling strategies to implementing them. With the ONPASSIVE Staff Manager tool, employees can drive your business to success. The higher efficiency they provide, the better the organization performs. 

ONPASSIVE staff management tool is mainly focused on employee productivity by providing easy task management. With the help of the staff manager, you can manage and track staff activities, track task time, and other events in real-time. The first step is to create a workforce and implement the right employee management.

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Calendar Scheduler for Business

A calendar scheduling tool can help your business reach greater heights. As an entrepreneur, you might be stepping into hundreds of different tasks daily. There is a need for a calendar tool to alert you of important events, appointments, and deadlines. ONPASSIVE calendar scheduler for businesses can keep you organized when it comes to other important business tasks, such as when to publish content and post ads and other social media and marketing activities. 

These business tools from ONPASSIVE can come in handy for everybody in the business world. The platform has tools and innovative solutions for all your business needs. ONPASSIVE business transformation tools are set to change the future of business and bring the newest trends and encourage your business to become more creative and produce efficient products. Streamline your business operations with the help of an artificial intelligence platform and access a spectrum of highly-sophisticated tools offered by ONPASSIVE. 

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