ONPASSIVE is future of digital marketing

Let’s face it. Digital marketing is going to drastically change the way it should be done. What worked perfectly yesterday isn’t going to work any longer. For example, people are increasingly using voice search – something that many of us haven’t even heard of yet.

Another topic is conversion optimization. As advertising is getting more and more expensive, we need to get better results – foremost by having a landing page that truly delivers. Not only does it need to stand out from the crowd, it also should contain all the information our target audience is looking for, ideally in one short sentence.

Content marketing will be history soon too, and the reason is simply explained as – the Internet is full of content and unless your information is completely new and truly amazing, it will not generate customers. Sales funnels will be an absolute must-have for all marketers, ideally combined with video, as this will ensure that more social media platforms will provide you with views by leveraging video!

The next big thing you should consider is having your own podcast. You can create your own audio and video files that will allow your subscribers and users to listen to the selected podcasts whenever they like, similarly to the way time-shifting lets viewers watch television programs when it suits them.

Furthermore, thanks to the portability of the player devices, they can listen to audio files from the Internet as they go about their daily activities – for example, listening to your news blog entry on the go, while at the gym, commuting, or just walking around. Content producers are increasingly turning to podcasting as an inexpensive and user-friendly new distribution channel that has the potential to reach a large audience.

And finally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) already plays a large role in digital marketing, as it is decreasing most of the problems that marketers were facing and helps them to increase their revenues. It starts with choosing the right target audience. If you are experiencing a low click rate on your articles or ads, you should not be overly surprised, as obviously you don’t have the right audience and for them your content is irrelevant.

Using AI and machine learning programs, you can reach out to the right audience at the right time and at the right place. AI goes through vast amounts of data, such as email clicks, age, location, shopping habits, websites visited and interactions on social media – and consequently suggests the most relevant audience for your ads.

To stay in touch with your newly found audience or to attract new hot leads, you might also consider using AI-powered chat pods that are interacting with your website visitors live in real-time and are using human-like natural language processing to allow for global interactions, regardless of the location and language of the potential customer.

Artificial Intelligence will also help you analyzing the market and what products or services are in higher demand, so you can modify your campaigns on the go accordingly.

This is just a small extract of what lies ahead in the world of digital marketing and without taking into consideration how quickly other new innovations will change the world. To stay on top, without missing out on crucial developments and without the need to study all trends and technologies, even without having to invest in expensive campaigns, there only is one solution.

Let the world’s top software engineers develop and constantly improve the most advanced and user-friendly, cutting edge, fully automatic marketing tools that can be used for any business and make them accessible to everyone in one single platform at the lowest price possible. This is exactly what ONPASSIVE is going to provide us with and undoubtedly is the recipe for unimaginable success. Watch us!