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Artificial Intelligence is a collection of several technologies that work in tandem to enable machine sense, study, understand, and act to expand human activities. The optimism linked with AI expects that machines will carry out human roles within the next 20 years. 

AI engines have now upgraded from just gaming and are attempting tasks in businesses. Today, AI engines are actively contributing to worthy human efforts. With AI practices in multiple industries, it is anticipated to become a disruptive technology over the next 5 years.

The ONPASSIVE platform is being designed to mold into daily business use. From trend predictions to workflow management, it has several varied applications in business. It also presents the latest business opportunities.

Here are a few of the uses of the ONPASSIVE platform for the businesses. 

  • Automate workloads – Gather and analyze data from smart sensors, or utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to classify work, automatically route service requests, etc.
  • Optimize logistics – AI-powered image identification tools to monitor and optimize your infrastructure, planned transport routes, etc.
  • Improve customer services – Virtual assistant programs to provide real-time support to users (for example, with billing and other tasks).
  • Prevent outages – Anomaly detection procedures to recognize patterns that are expected to disrupt your business, such as an IT outage. Particular software might also help you to identify and prevent security intrusions.
  • Predict performance – ONPASSIVE AI applications to determine when you may reach performance goals, like help desk calls to response time.
  • Increase manufacturing output and efficiency – Automate production line by implementing industrial robots into your workflow and training them to perform mundane or labor-intensive tasks.
  • Manage and analyze your data – It helps you to mine and interpret your data more efficiently than ever before and provide valuable insight into your brand, your assets, customers, or staff.
  • Improve your marketing and advertising – For instance, efficiently track user behavior and automate several routine marketing jobs.
  • Predict behavior – Apply ML algorithms to analyze patterns of online customer behavior, for instance, serve customized product offers, identify credit card fraud, or target relevant adverts.

Now, let’s discuss 3 of the most crucial tasks that are taken care of by the ONPASSIVE AI-driven platform.

  • Automate routine tasks and save time

What does automation look like if it isn’t robotics? Sometimes it’s as easy as a collection of tools housed within traditional business software programs. At its heart, automation is about executing a method to perform repetitive, easily replicated jobs without the requirement for human labor.

We know that time is money, and AI is known to save time by automation of various mundane tasks daily. For example, for an HR agency, there is a lot of mental effort that goes into searching for a suitable candidate, and the algorithm takes out that mental effort and saves time by completing the repetitive tasks involved from searching the appropriate candidate to completion of the hiring process.

  • Manage multiple locations from one place

It’s excellent that your business is so successful that you can afford to hire new employees and create new locations. This is what each business owner dreams of; the independence to run various franchises all at the same time, being capable of multiplying the number of consumers that they can reach at every place exponentially. Maintaining multiple locations is also a part of that dream.

The only concern here is that these several locations impose a logistical issue: You can’t be in multiple places at the same time. While there are alternatives like video and email chat, nothing can be replaced for real, in-person management.

What results? You start to stretch yourself thinner and thinner till it appears as if you’re not giving your locations the attention they deserve.

Though managing multiple locations is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s not an impossible task. With the presence of AI technology in the ONPASSIVE platform enables you to set up regular meetings between multiple teams and make it so that they can discuss among what are the most suitable steps for the business. They can even notify each other of what’s going on in every location, share aims and accomplishments, and provide each other with tips and advice.

  • Optimize performance and boost ROI

ONPASSIVE AI tools are paving the path for businesses to become increase ROI and more profitable by efficiently learning from user behaviors to present websites that are optimized for the activities you want.

Machine learning’s capability of learning from prior customer behaviors and personalize their experiences that means that the users will spend shorter time searching for what they are looking for and make them spend more time engaging with the products or content that interest them. This way, you will be able to provide the best experience to your customers and that, in turn, will help optimize your business’s performance and boost your ROI.

To win in this highly competitive market, you require the right people and the fitting culture. Hiring suitable employees take time. Building a great culture takes time. You must invest resources to enhance your chances. Thanks to ONPASSIVE, modern businesses ranging from a small startup or already stable business, both can equally benefit from its AI-driven business solutions.