Today, the emerging opportunities for ONPASSIVE continue to expand in ways that were not foreseen when the New Year 2020 began, to the delight of the GoFounders around the world.

We had been introduced to many of the possibilities of AI in the global market place. We saw the expansion of the ONPASSIVE product platform and the growth potential that would accompany this growth. We began to see, more clearly, the enormous value we would be able to introduce worldwide, to almost any type of business, small medium and yes, even large.

Most of us probably constructed a plan of action (POA) of some sort, for the ONPASSIVE launch and the subsequent product availability. We always referred to our POA for new products in the corporate marketing groups.

For me, I thought of what I could do, in addition to marketing ONPASSIVE. What could I be prepared to do with the website I would have at my disposal and how would I use the ONPASSIVE platform capabilities to build and grow a business?

Since I had an interest in small business development for a long time, I have decided to view the ONPASSIVE product suite through that lens and then determine where to go with what products. I would have the advantage of my ability to use several of these products in my marketing efforts.

In addition, I would develop a brief analysis of various market segments that I would be interested in, then outline needs that could be filled. 

Then, everything changed, globally, because of the unexpected assault of Covid 19 pandemic. The question for me today is, how does this pandemic affect the POA that I envisioned?

After waiting a while to make that assessment, I can only see this approach will not need to change much, if at all. I see the need for ONPASSIVE to take a quantum leap because of the need to be productive working from home. This niche was huge in 2019 and now it is, unfortunately, growing exponentially.

We all hope and pray that people, around the world, will be able to maintain their health and be able to return to their work sooner than some now predict.

I can hope that we are able to provide some relief from the financial burdens that so many now have or will have.

The major difference in my current POA is the need to focus on ways to provide support for marketing needs that can help people build or rebuild their businesses that have been hurt because of the Covid 19 impact. Fulfilling needs has become priority number one. 

I plan to find ways to help in the many areas where help is and will be needed. ONPASSIVE will be the vehicle that can provide that help.

Source: GoFounders Community