ONPASSIVE will dominate the Whole World within a Year

What a company we all have here. It is unprecedented, and the growth is very seriously amazing. I looked back when I joined on 11th November 2019. We were 45000+founders, and different 82 thousand founders who joined now, now the trend of that growth from last year 11th November when I became founder people spill in ONPASSIVE in their thousands within a week… look at the trend now people spill in their thousand daily. Imagine that if the marketing campaign starts, thousands will spill in within seconds and hours plus the main lunch day. ONPASSIVE the technology unicorn company will dominate the whole world even within a year. Numbers never lie; indeed, the picture is clear now when Mr. Ash said that the numbers that will flip into ONPASSIVE technology would blow our mind. This is serious; it means we are going to witness thousands of founders within seconds, minutes, and hours that is the fact. Mr. Mufareh and the tech team are doing a great job. This is a revolutionary indeed.