Creating Our Best Future Through an ONPASSIVE Culture

Part 2 of 7

Two Minds, Two Energy States

The subconscious mind is where the basis of our behavior and attitude come from because of the “programming”  we got during our early years; those between two and seven years old. It’s the larger part of our mind that we cannot readily access and has very little surface-connection with our daily routines.  Our perceptions of reality… how we think about ourselves and the world around us, what we look for, and what we take for granted or expect to be true… are all determined by what we believe and those beliefs are held in the subconscious.  But take heart. A belief is just a thought we think a lot and it can be changed.   So, providing the first statement is true, it will follow that when we alter our beliefs, we also alter the reality we experience. In other words, through our belief system we are forming our own reality. Saying it another way… what we take to be true on the subconscious level gives rise to our reality.  This is because our subconscious mind can actually tap into the “unseen” realm and the things it holds.  It can access everything you, me, and everyone else, could ever want to have, be, or know.  It also comes pre-programmed [at our physical birth] with a ton of stuff that, if we could readily and easily access, would allow us a life of bliss and luxury according to our wildest imagination.  Because of this, going directly into the unconscious, to reshape how we think about ourselves and our future, is the only way to effect permanent and lasting change.  However, the unconscious mind is a very stubborn, set-in-its-way entity that is also a creature of habit. It really loves to live with us as it always has. It will also give us a thousand and one reasons why we shouldn’t change and it can provide ready-made excuses to push that change off until we forget about it. It hates change; even if it’s good for us.  This is why change is so hard to do; because our subconscious really, really likes its habitual living style.  It doesn’t want to change simply because it doesn’t feel good.  This is why positive thinking [alone] always fails at the surface level.

Did you know that the subconscious is what controls about ninety-five percent of our lives?  Yep, about ninety-five percent our lives [and hence our reality] are subconsciously automated. That’s where all the “heavy lifting” is done.  According to psychologists we have between 60,000-75,000 thoughts per day. That’s between 35 and 48 thoughts a minute!  About ninety-five percent of them are running in our subconscious as if pre-programmed from about the age of seven.   (Children, from about two to seven, operate mentally in a theta-sate.  Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. While in he theta state, children spend much of their time mixing the imaginary world with the real world.)

Gaining access to the subconscious mind is the most easily done just prior to falling asleep.  When you go to sleep, as your conscious mind begins to shut down, your subconscious mind starts to take over. It starts to operate at a level much more conducive to suggestion. We don’t need to get into the specifics. For now, you need to know it’s accessible at a certain point. That’s when our conscious mind can access the subconscious and can change the “programming”, in a manner of speaking.  

As you may have guessed, our conscious mind is responsible for the other 5% of our life decisions as it relates to thoughts and activities.  It is the part of our mind we are aware of; the part we actively think with.   But it doesn’t direct our life in the real sense of the word because everything it does is as an analytical, surface-oriented resource for us.  By surface-oriented, I mean it helps us with things like deciding what to eat or wear and it helps us figure math, but it does not map our path in life or make your reality closely conform to our self-image as we discuss later. 

So, our thinking mind… the “conscious” us, wasn’t born knowing anything.  We are born into this world as a “clean slate.” Because of this, our conscious mind is not the “engine” powering our life. It derives its understanding of reality and life through the five senses. It can, however, influence the subconscious, but cannot readily tap into the world of unseen things.  We call this “world” the Quantum Field, the Unified Field, the Spiritual Realm, Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, and even “God.”  Without getting too far into the quantum aspect of it, this field… this “unseen” world… contains the potential [energy] of everything that has ever has, does, or ever can exist.  You see, energy makes up the whole of creation; matter and non-matter.  And all energies exist either as particle or wave. The conscious, waking reality we observe through our five senses is made of energy in its particle form.  It appears ridged and solid, being formed from the unseen, wave-form energy found in the unified field. So, throughout all of creation we have the energy of what “is” and what “can be” (potential) represented in the seen and the unseen worlds.