jeffrey morlock

Creating Our Best Future Through an OnPassive Culture

Part 5 of 7

Personal Reality

Do you know our personality, which defines who we are, reflects a combination of three things?  It reflects how we think, act, and feel.  And how we do those three things… thinking, acting, feeling… determines how we create our very own personal reality. So, if we want to create a new personal reality… a new life… we have to change our personality.  Actually, it needs more than change; it has to be new.  So how do we do that? Well, by deliberately changing the three things we just spoke about we can re-invent ourselves, so to speak. We need to understand what we’re thinking and then change those thoughts. To do this, we would need to be aware of all our unconscious thoughts so we can objectively observe them.  That’s the “thinking” part.  Next, we need to figure out what our habits are and change them too. That’s the “acting” part. 

Finally, we would have to look at our emotions to decide whether or not they are something we want to carry along with us into the future. (I say this because emotion is always connected to the past.  Even if we have a new emotion, we’ll find that it’s connected to a new experience found in our immediate past.) The problem with creating a new personal reality arises when we try to do it with [or as] the same personality.  But it can’t work that way. You literally have to become someone else. In fact, you need to be re-born…  to be born again? I will wager you’ve heard that phrase somewhere before.  (John 3:3) 

Anyway, the hardest thing we face regarding our “rebirth” relates to getting rid of negative thoughts; deleting the bad programming, as it were.  This is because it’s our belief, the expectation deep in our subconscious that drives our reality. For a shallow example, if we believe at a core level that we’re going to have a bad day, then the odds are very, very good we are going to have a bad day.  At a much deeper level, if you have been led to really believe that you will never amount to anything or that you can never be wealthy, etc., then the chances are also very, very good that you are living that reality out right now.  Proverbs 23:7 says we are as we think we are which means what we accept and believe as true is true or becomes true for us. Mark 11:24 and Matthew 21:22 both say we get what we believe.