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Creating Our Best Future Through an ONPASSIVE Culture

Part 6 of 7

The Law of Attraction

You know now that the subconscious mind is very influential in determining what direction your life is headed.  The thoughts you have and the words that you speak to yourself every moment of everyday filter right down to your subconscious mind and take root.”  This means that in whatever way you speak [in or] to yourself or to your situation, your subconscious mind will direct your life in such a way as to help you find more of that; whatever “that” is.  I suppose the subconscious mind figures if you’re always talking about “that”, then it’s reasonable to think you like “that” and want more of “that”, so your [subconscious] mind goes after “that” to bring more of “that” back to you.  This means if you are always thinking about how many bills you have without the means to pay them then your subconscious mind will successfully “order” two things to manifest in your life; a lot of bills and not enough means to pay them. 

This process, by a vast majority, is referred to as the Law of Attraction.  It basically stipulates that things (Vibrations, in particular.) attract other things that are like it.  To me, its Biblical equivalent is the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Both [pretty much] say that whatever you put out from your experience you are going to get back into your experience.  But there is a distinction that needs to made concerning how these laws work.  In both cases there is only attraction, there is no assertion.  Simply put, this means life comes to you, not at you.  This means whatever you currently experience in your life…  whatever you think and speak about… you attract or draw into your life.  What you think or speak goes to the subconscious mind and it will seek that out to bring more of it into your experience; your reality.  So be as positive as you can all the time.  And think about this: the subconscious mind doesn’t think in terms of past, present, or future; it thinks only in terms of “now.” When you think and talk about wanting something, it will produce a “wanting” feeling, right? That “wanting” is future-based. Because when you want, it signals to your subconscious that whatever you want is somewhere else because obviously you don’t have it.  This is to say it’s not in your present reality; that it’s not in your “now.”  So, guess what your subconscious goes after.  Yep, those things that will always be somewhere ahead of you.  Your subconscious mind starts bringing you the thing you so clearly asked for – want. And since you are wanting it, which clearly means you don’t have it yet, those things the subconscious mind manifests are always in your future so as to keep you wanting. 

 So, I encourage everyone to speak in an “I am” [now] sense which will reinforce our current or present condition.  Say “I am” when you speak so it relays the intention of already being or having what you want.  For example, instead of saying. I want to be rich.”, say, “I am rich.”, or speak in the present tense with “I have” statements like, “I have an abundance of what I enjoy.”  Of course, if we are like so many others and we are not rich, as soon as we say We are rich.” the conscious, analytical mind laughs at us and calls us liars.  So, it is supremely important to believe whatever we are saying or thinking. If we absolutely cannot say we are rich with any conviction or belief then don’t be so specific.

There are two essential elements for unleashing the power of your subconscious mind for demonstrating, manifesting… for making things happen… in our reality.  The first is something that is akin to a thought, but stronger.  It’s called “intention.”  Simply put, it just means that we have to intend for something to happen and we have to know what that is.  The trick with this is that it needs to be rather specific. We can set an intention with a statement like, “I intend to have a new outfit for the New Years’ Eve Dance.”  In this instance, you intend to get (1) not just any outfit… but a dance outfit and (2) not just any dance…  it’s a New Years’ Dance. If we just intend to have a new outfit for a dance, we could end up with one suitable for a clown at our kid’s birthday dance.  So, we should be rather specific, but not so specific it won’t likely happen.  I mean, if I intend to get a jewel-laden Ferrari… what are the odds?  The second essential element is to “marry” or join that intention with an elevated emotion.  By this I mean you have to add genuine feeling to it.  Find the feeling you would have if you already had that dance outfit.  Yeah… that is a tough one, but it’s do-able.  Think about it like this… If you had that outfit already, what would you do?  Would you try it on and pose in front of a mirror?   Then imagine that you have it on, and then stand in front of the mirror and imagine what you look like and how it makes you feel.  Could you imagine yourself at the dance in the outfit while dancing around the room?  Then do it.  I promise after results are seen a couple of times, feeling silly won’t be a concern. 

OK, now back to “I am rich.”  A little earlier I spoke about being specific with our intention.  But if intentions are set that we truly cannot believe then the way around that is to become much more general.  In this instance, instead of I am rich.”, simply say, “I enjoy riches.  I am sure we all enjoy riches so there is truth in that statement that we can resonate with; that we believe.  Can you feel the difference?  The point here is to stay away from negativity and it is always better to speak in the “now” as if you already are, already have or you’ve already done what you desire.  When you speak in the “now”, then your subconscious mind is going to seek out more ways to find more of what you are saying you are. Example: I am enjoying my new car. There is another incredibly important element that we should mention:  Appreciation.  Appreciation is like a wild card in that, with it, we don’t need to have specific intentions to call forth things from thoughts.  When we are genuinely grateful, when we appreciate, our subconscious will seek out more things for us to be grateful for.  So, it is very advantageous for us if we spend some time each day to just bask in all the things we are thankful for; for the things we appreciate.  It is no wonder why so many believe we should count our blessings, naming them one-by-one.