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The Law of Attraction

Making the Connection: Thoughts-Vision-Future

Our brain is a magnificent artefact in as much as it is a record of the past. It’s organized to reflect everything we’ve learned or know in life; a physical thing that contains everything you’ve learned and experienced up to this very moment. Remember, our subconscious mind loves its habits. So much so, in fact, that we wake up every morning, get out of bed on the same side, shower like always, grab our favourite cup and a morning beverage, eat [or skip] breakfast, go to work [or whatever we do] just to do everything in the same, normal pattern as we always have right through the day with the same people, places, and things. In the evening we continue doing the same habitual activity like dinner, dishes, laundry, etc., or whatever we have learned to habitually do so well right up to bedtime when we drift blissfully away only to wake up and start again. Honestly…do you think our brain changed throughout any of that?  Of course not.  Everything was pretty much the same… thoughts, action, emotions… even though we [secretly] hoped or expected something in our life to change.

And all the while we’re doing the same stuff, we’re hard-wiring our brain into a very predetermined way because we “fire” and “wire” those circuits day-in-and-day-out just like always. We are so good at it, according to science, that by the time we’re 35 years old, we are a set of memorized behaviours; unconscious habits, automatic emotional reactions, beliefs, perceptions, and even attitudes that operate just like a computer program.  As a matter of fact, when we do things over and over and over those repeated actions will, over time, condition our body to know how to do it better than our mind. We call them habits. For all practical purposes, our body becomes the mind. Because that is exactly what a habit is; nothing more than an action our body knows how to do better than our brain because we’ve done it so many times. That’s where we got the ninety-five per cent of life’s automatic action we spoke of earlier; habits.

Why is this important? Because this is where the intellectual “rubber” meets the road, so to speak.  It’s the basis for how we learn new information.  Namely, learning is just making new synaptic connections in the brain.  Those connections are the physical evidence that results from our interaction with the environment and it’s the “footprint” of consciousness that we call learning.  So, if learning is making connections, then remembering would have to be maintaining and sustaining those connections.  Remember earlier when we said that emotion is always connected to the past?  Well, it’s connected via the old “hardware”; through the neural networks that were made when the emotion was created.  Our brain has specific networks that represent the old information.  That’s the information previously obtained and hard-wired so, when we have a thought, the whole loop-thing is activated.  And that loop is predictable! This is information that’s vital for understanding how to create our future by defining a vision of it that is bigger than our memories of the past.  Because, if our brain is a record of the past, and we have no new vision for the future, then we are continually living in the past and we will never live out anything new. Instead, the predictable past becomes our predictable future.  I am sure you can agree new information and new thoughts should lead to new choices. Our New choices should lead to new behaviours, and new behaviours should give us new experiences.  See the pattern? New experiences should produce new emotions and those new emotions should drive new thoughts. This is actually the evolution that no one ever told us about!  We should be waking up every morning being defined by a vision bigger than ourselves that provides inspiration and leads us into possibility. If we’re not, then we’re lapsing right back into the old “hardware” of the past with our same old ideas and guess what.  We’ll see the same people, do the same thing, and attend the same places. That’s when our external environment is controlling how we think and feel because it’s turning on different circuits in our brain and causing us to think in a way consistent with everything we know.

Our thoughts are somehow connected to our destiny and as long as we’re thinking in a way that’s equal to our environment, we’ll keep creating the same life for ourselves.  But to change our future, to really change it, we need to think greater than our environment; greater than our circumstances. And to change the world, we need to think greater than the circumstances of the world. Hmmm… Guess what ONPASSIVE is doing.   That’s right!  ONPASSIVE is thinking in ways greater than the circumstances of the world.  Ash Mufareh is thinking greater than the circumstances of the world. In fact, all the great leaders in history, no matter who they were, have known this and have fostered visions greater than their circumstance. But watch out.  The minute we stop making the same choices we always make we had better get ready for results that are not going to be comfortable. And that’s when we know we are heading toward our new self.  Just remember, 95% of who we are is the body as the mind.  So, when we decide to make a change… watch out.   That’s when the little voice in our head says something like, “Start tomorrow.” And the second we respond to those thoughts as if true it’s going to lead us right back to the same choice which leads to the same… well, you get the point, right?  So be on the look-out for it. Our subconscious is trying to lead us back to the familiar because it likes its habits and change is not comfortable.  It does not like being in the unknown.

However, the best way to predict our new future is to create it from the unknown. Because when we are comfortable in a place that’s unknown… that’s where the magic happens.  And that is precisely the kind of magic currently happening with ONPASSIVE. So, take what you have been given here and use it to create a future that promotes the best version of you that is possible.  Let go of negativity, get behind the momentum of a grand vision and step into a new frontier.  You, me, ONPASSIVE…. We are all in unknown territory doing what has never been done for a global greater-good and it is magical! 

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