25 Oct 2019
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ONPASSIVELY Changing Our World

Creating Our Best Future Through an ONPASSIVE Culture

Part – 1

The Introduction

Thought could be understood as the seed of creation and creativity; the very first manifestation of the creation process.  This means how and what we think have very real, and often dramatic, effects on our world.  Each of us, as OnPassive Founders, have a certain expectation about the benefits provided to us by OnPassive just prior to launch, immediately following it, and for many years to come.  On the other side of that, OnPassive has valid expectations of professionalism, loyalty, and support from its Founders.  So how, as individual partners in such a magnificent adventure, can we best help OnPassive to become the greatest online marketing company in history?   The answer: Shared vision. 

This paper outlines how the creation process occurs and how we can produce what we desire from the thoughts we hold.  Its intent Is to provide the understanding and tools needed to purposefully and objectively align our thoughts and future with a vision.  It talks about our vision, mindset, how we are given what we want, and how to bring our wants into our lives. It also talks about our two minds, the two energy states that make the whole of creation, our self-image, and our personality.  It will show how we can strengthen the momentum of OnPassive’s corporate vision through a positive, future-creating mindset and co-creatively shift and expand the global marketing paradigm. This paper powerfully provides a broad basis for understanding the Law of Attraction and outlines how we can use the information to create powerful, personal and professional momentum to consciously create a reality that matches our dreams and our aspirations for a life of freedom, growth, and joy.

A Vision

Our aspirations and desires are flawlessly directed through our imagination according to our clear vision of them.  You do know that God’s Word says the people perish for lack of vision, right?  God had Abraham go outside to look at the night sky. He had him look at the stars to understand how many descendants he would have.  God gave Abraham a vision.  

Each of us should have a clear, personal vision for our part, our growth and expansion, in and out of OnPassive as well as a professional vision for OnPassive as a whole.  Things are going to progress rapidly from here out so we need to all share a clear, unified vision moving forward.

To that end, the ONPASSIVE Vision is to operate the ultimate, complete and unique, Digital Marketing Platform that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value while sustaining the benefits of a Global Stimulus Plan.

Our Mindset

OnPassive is about to make the jump to hyperspace; so, to speak.  We have identified a major milestone and point toward the future as we have scheduled the first Affiliate Webinar as a public presentation!  By dating the last first public Affiliate Webinar, we have set the timeline in motion that marks the beginning of the end of pre-launch.  This is huge and it’s something we have all been waiting for. The order of events notwithstanding, the last public webinar will be followed by the roll-out of the new GoFounders Back-Office, Founder Non-disclosure Agreement compliance, massive pre-launch “Founder-fetching” campaigns, and the beta testing of GoFounders following its migration to ONPASSIVE, etc.  The end of all pre-launch activity will culminate in the launch of the greatest smart, online marketing business solution in the history of internet marketing. 

Think about it.  We stand poised, ready for the birth of a paradigm-shifting, global market-changing, “Sparkle”; a baby unicorn. (Yes, a baby unicorn is called a Sparkle.) It will not be premature. It will be carried full-term, delivered healthy and lively, and able to stand on its own after only a few short hours.  And, as with each and every live birth, it will be an incredibly awe-inspiring moment, full of power, promise and fulfilled expectation.  This birth will be felt across the globe. That’s what’s coming. 

Our Vision Statement

ONPASSIVE is the ultimate, complete and unique, Digital Marketing Platform that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value while sustaining the benefits of a Global Stimulus Plan.

Are we in full agreement with this and taking it seriously? Is this what we are ready for?  We should be. Our mindset must be such that it’s out ahead of the expectation and fueling its momentum.  Because as soon as we begin to think about that… to think about what we want for our future and our circumstances… we, and our circumstances, begin to change.  We’ve all heard about how the new science of quantum physics has proven that our thoughts affect reality.  That is, they shape the personal and collective reality that we all experience.  I know we’ve all had bad feelings and the circumstances that surround them.  And, because there is always polarity, the same is true for positive thoughts bringing about positive feelings and circumstances. It’s just the way it is. Hence the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” But let’s face it, it takes more than just positive thoughts to create “the good life.” However, we will all live “ever after” …  let’s decide to make it “happily” as well.  We can do that by being mindful.

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