In 2023, the world witnessed a profound digital transformation, as global experts and innovators converged at GITEX to explore the marvels of artificial intelligence and the future of innovation. GITEX Global, the renowned international exhibition, brought together the most innovative companies and the brightest minds, elevating businesses, economies, societies, and cultures.

The year 2023 marks an era of visionary AI integration in every aspect of life, sparking a global epic race to harness the potential of AI. This race aimed to uncover invaluable predictions and expert insights regarding its impact. It created boundless opportunities for global entrepreneurs, investors, and business innovators. During this time, visionary entrepreneurs found common ground with sustainable perspectives, paving the way for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), where our promising future will be shaped.

In this inspiring and exhilarating context, ONPASSIVE proudly stood out with its prominent participation in this extraordinary event. ONPASSIVE offered a unique array of smart products and advanced solutions, solidifying its position as a symbol of excellence and innovation. The company’s participation in this exhibition provided the perfect platform to highlight its latest advancements in smart technology, emphasizing the critical importance of smart innovations in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.

What is GITEX, and What Were the Highlights of GITEX 2023?

GITEX is an annual trade exhibition and conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event has been a significant part of the technology landscape for over 40 years, establishing itself as the largest technology event in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It was initially launched in 1981 as “GITE,” occupying the first hall at the Dubai World Trade Centre With the launch of “MacWorld” exhibition in 1988, GITEX expanded to become “GITEX” (with the addition of “X”), utilizing two halls and, for several years, reaching its full capacity at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

GITEX spotlights the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies, attracting a diverse range of exhibitors, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and multinational corporations from various industries such as healthcare, finance, education, retail, and transportation.

The number of visitors attending GITEX varies each year. In 2023, the event attracted over 100,000 visitors from more than a hundred countries. The event provided attendees with the opportunity to engage with industry experts, attend workshops and technical seminars, and learn about the latest technological trends.

GITEX Dubai 2023 ran for five days, taking place from October 16th to October 20th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event featured over 4,500 exhibitors from various tech fields highlighting their innovations. It also included more than 1,400 speakers, over 40 workshops, and hundreds of discussions led by industry leaders and organizers.

What Is the Main Idea of GITEX 2023?

The central theme of GITEX 2023 was “The Year to Imagine AI in Everything” This theme revolved around exploring the influence of artificial intelligence across various industries and how it could be harnessed for innovation and growth. The event featured more than 4,500 exhibitors from various tech fields, highlighting their innovations. It also included over 1,400 speakers, more than 40 interactive workshops, and hundreds of discussions led by industry leaders and experts.”

The event featured keynote addresses delivered by influential figures in the technology industry. Additionally, it included:

Product Launches: Exciting products were unveiled during the event.

Interactive Workshops: Attendees participated in interactive workshops to explore the latest technological trends.

Networking Opportunities: The event provided abundant networking opportunities for attendees to connect with industry experts and peers.

ONPASSIVE’s Prominent Participation in GITEX Global 2023: A Bright Window to the Future of Technology

The successful conclusion of ONPASSIVE’s participation in GITEX Global 2023, the world’s largest technology event hosted in Dubai, marked a remarkable opportunity to connect with technology experts and share the latest innovations and trends.

The exhibition witnessed an enhancement of collaboration and knowledge exchange, with ONPASSIVE actively contributing to accelerating technological advancements and the implementation of artificial intelligence. GITEX served as a vibrant platform for communication, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

In a statement about this amazing event, Eng. Mohamed Kamal, COO of ONPASSIVE, expressed his excitement, saying, “We eagerly anticipated our participation in GITEX this year, where we showcased outstanding technological products. Our goal was to inspire attendees, whether they were governmental entities, private companies, or anyone interested in the world of technology and decision-making, with top-quality products.”

Furthermore, Mr. Mohammad Nazzal, CMO of ONPASSIVE, added, “We are committed to using our advanced technologies and products to facilitate and enhance operations for various companies, whether small or large. We aim to develop innovative marketing tools, relationship management, support business transformation, automation, operations management, and business infrastructure through the adoption of the latest technologies and artificial intelligence.”

ONPASSIVE proudly expresses gratitude for its participation in this exceptional event, extending greetings to visitors, partners, and all technology enthusiasts. The company looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality products and contributing to the advancement of the technological world.

In Conclusion

As we conclude this inspiring journey through the world of technology and innovation at GITEX 2023, we reaffirm the significance of smart technologies in altering the course of our civilization and shaping a bright future. Thank you to ONPASSIVE for its outstanding and distinctive participation in this event, presenting smart solutions and products that contribute to business improvement and the creation of a sustainable future.

Join ONPASSIVE today and become a part of our innovative platform that offers you limitless opportunities to harness the power of technology and artificial intelligence. Make your future bright with us and start your journey towards excellence and success today.