ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence Blockbuster

Well it’s been nearly 2 years 6 months, when I first became a GF member when it was little more than 1600 members, I joined instinctively knowing the amount I invested 100% outweighed to the potential of GF soon to be ONPASSIVE AI blockbuster it is now. I knew patience was expected, a understanding from my experience that if this was to be designed then built it would require many many man hours, requiring top quality coding experts, sourced from the best country in the world for that expertise, India is by far and wide the richest ground to source such talented people, in the numbers OP will require going into the future. I like many have attended webinars instilling inspiration to maintain the momentum to trust in our personal instincts, knowing those well known phrases is anything worth having is worth waiting for, or patience is a virtue, or the end justifies the means etc basically seeing how the GF/OP has expanded over the last years can only indicate one thing its real its going to happen don’t ask when? just sit back watch wait! Contemplate then generate, celebrate then escalate. I wish all GF/OP members a Very Happy New Year and for all a very prosperous new 2021 and a special salute firstly to the leaders front and rear, not forgetting the main man Mr. Ash Mufarah and his lovely family cannot finish without reciting the OP Moto We are all in it to win it haha