Opportunity With ONPASSIVE

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In this article, we will be looking into how you can increase the equality of technological opportunity, with the help of ONPASSIVE. ONPASSIVE AI is incredibly powerful as a technology that can get easily integrated with your business model.

Through research, it was known that the learning persistence for female researchers was adversely affected on an early score. This creates a disparity, especially in a time when the learner‘s persistence was drastically affected.

Learning more about the courses and understanding the research behind the way people learn will help in the long run in increasing the equality of opportunity.

By doing a simple gender study of learners preparing for an assignment, we can gain more clarity and understanding. It was noted that learners of both genders who would review and prep for their examinations, can re-attempt the assignment and be more likely to clear the examination.

Here is the process behind the data in understanding the best material to review and knowing it across thousands of different courses. All this data can be difficult to understand with thousands of courses, assessments, and more than hundreds of thousands of videos.

Granular learning data has helped in understanding data with more than 100 million historical enrollments. You can programmatically generate and review material recommendations based on the items and courses, past learners have struggled with.

Here is the process behind how ONPASSIVE helped to strategize the entire business strategy:


Female learners have more persistence, and they are more adversely affected when they are especially failing an assignment. The persistence of male learners was much higher compared to their female counterparts. Female learners are more likely to review materials as well.


It is hypothesized that learners can benefit from receiving a targeted and personalized review material after failing an assignment. Female learners can engage with the recommended material have more male learners, which can help in narrowing down the gender gap as well.


There has been a model that has been constructed with the help of coding for each and every assignment in figuring out which course material was the most important to review. It is primarily based on what learners who struggle with the same concepts are reviewed.


All of the hypothesis and the intervention have been tested and served in helping a random set of all struggling learners. The treatment effect was also observed by the gender of a learner.

In conclusion, these were all the major stages of the process in the course. You can note that with the help of ONPASSIVE, you can increase the equality of technological opportunity as well. Thanks for reading!