URL links

Are you still using complicated, ugly looking URL links for your business?

Rather than making your excellently crafted advert text goes waste, practicing to use trimURL is the best way to achieve the attention of your customers.

Start trimming long URLs with your domain and keywords to customize it for better customer experience and your business exposure.

TrimURL is an ONPASSIVE product that is available in the market, which helps you create small URL links and also allows you to manage it properly with ease. 

10 Reason to use TrimURL:

1. Easy To Use, Easier to share: TrimURL by ONPASSIVE is a simple tool with an intuitive approach that enables a user to use this tool with ease and is more comfortable to share among your community or in your campaign text.

2. Beautify And Glorify: This tool allows a user to shorten the long URLs with complex alphanumeric characters to simplify and have a better understanding of whereto this link will lead an audience.

3. Create Multiple URLs with One Click: This tool enables a user to create multiple short URLs within no time. Just with a snap, you can have several URLs for your campaigns.

4. Brand Yourself On Branded Sites: The best feature of this tool is that it allows a user to customize their domain name within the URL link, which helps a business to brand themselves.

5. Get Better Engagement Results: The short URL links never get misunderstood to be spam and have a better audience engagement rate when compared to the long URLs.

6. Link Monitoring: This tool empowers a user to track the URL links, and they can keep track of links that are getting opened and can incorporate the changes accordingly in real-time.

7. Link Analytics and Dashboard: This feature is also one of the reasons why the usage of TrimURL is essential because it provides a business with the insight analytics and dashboard for the teammates for a better understanding without any confusion.

8. Earn Trust Of Your Audience: Using branded URL links bring awareness among the customers where they know that this URL is from a particular brand and won’t be spam, thus, helping you gain customer trust and loyalty.

9. Eliminate Site-Block Warnings: Usually, the long URL links get mistaken for the spam, and a warning pops up with a red alert message of site blocked. Usage of the TrimURL helps a business to be tension free from such notifications which impact on the customer trust or brand value.

10. Attract More Traffic on Your Site: It’s a truth that using short URL links in your ad campaigns attract more audience towards your website, which enhances your website ranking and boost your conversion.

ONPASSIVE TrimURL tool enables you to effortlessly create and customize your compressed URL links, in addition to rendering useful insights to any online business with its in-depth reports. So, you got to get it today for your business.