You have got a decent job with a steady income and you are all happy working hard on it. Be that as it may, you realize you’ve always needed more. More money. More opportunity. More flexibility. Thus you, at last, decide that it’s a time to make a move. Here you will see how to make easy money. Ideas that will assist you with earning automated revenue while still keeping your full-time gig. So you can finally get more than you have wished for.

Let us understand what passive income is and how it is different from normal income:

Passive income is the money you make that doesn’t demand long hours of work. It is more like a work from a job, but completely different and a lot better than that.

Here are a few ideas to earn passive income:

1) Run a Blog

One of the most efficient ways to make money is by blogging. Blogging has helped several bloggers and entrepreneurs to earn passive income. You can make money through affiliate links, sponsored posts, book deals, offering courses. It is true that it is hard and can take quite a long time to build a successful blog. However, it is one of the best and most sustainable ways to build an audience organically.

2) Create a Course

Creating online courses is one of the best practices in 2019; we have seen several websites offering various courses online. It doesn’t matter you sell a course on your website or a platform like Udemy. You will, however, find customers who want to learn more from you. Tips and tricks will help everybody. If you can turn your content into a video, you can now create courses and make money online. This will be easier to sell it on education platforms like Udemy.

3) Network Marketing

Network marketing is the best way to make passive money easily and not too much work. When you are into network marketing, treat it as a legitimate business—even if it’s a side business for you. Many people struggle because they don’t do this. If you don’t market, sell, and do the activities that make money regularly, your business is likely to fail. Earning passive income through a network might be tricky, but it works.

4) Instagram Sponsored Posts

If you are a social media enthusiast, you will love Instagram. It is very easy to make a fan page, whether it is about travel, fashion, food, home decor. You will always find a committed audience for your page and you will love their reactions on your posts. Once your account grows and gets a certain number of followers, you get to add sponsored posts and make money on Instagram. Soon your posts will make money for you.

Passive income will definitely help in improving your earnings and fill all your financial needs. This will help you bring in a residual income, be it Blogging, MLM marketing or making videos if it is done right with the right set of tools and audience you can make more money than your full-time job.