SEO Trends

While online competition continues to grow, and new websites are being launched every day, it’s time to invest in SEO and rethink your content marketing strategy. Websites must meet particular demands set by search engines such as Google or Bing, and this is where SEO strategy becomes extremely valuable.

You must understand what SEO trends are available so that you can transform your website accordingly and make sure that more prospects and consumers find you in the search engine results.

So, let’s dig deeper into the current SEO trends for 2020.

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Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks

Google has grown in recent years to deliver better search experience for its user, such as through Featured Snippets. It presents an excellent opportunity for content creators as it provides you with the capability to produce more organic traffic even if you’re not ranking at the number 1 position.

Featured Snippets typically appears above the number 1 organic result, generally referred to as “Position 0.” To benefit from this feature and encourage more clicks to your website, you should provide precise answers to frequently asked questions on your website. Featured Snippets are assessed and promoted to the top based on their quality, which Google has a way of discovering. 

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Influencers Should Be Leveraged for SEO

People usually feel engulfed by intrusive ads when they are searching for information they can trust and genuine reviews. This has driven to growth in influencer marketing. People are more inclined towards engaging with a respected and well-known person rather than with an ad. Media companies and digital marketers are raising their investment in influencer marketing, as it has delivered exceptional results.

Secure Websites Are a Must

User safety is one of the essential trends that doesn’t appear to have much to do with SEO, but it is essential to the website user experience. If a user doesn’t feel secure visiting a web page, then they’re expected to leave quickly. If they notice a “Not Secure” warning appear, they may choose not to continue on your page. As a result, high bounce rates can influence the position of that page in the organic search listing.

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It’s essential to enable HTTPS protocol for your site. HTTPS provides website users with a secure connection that is both authenticated and encrypted. If you’re attempting to accumulate personal information from your users on your website through a web form, then you have a duty to guard their privacy.

Websites Optimize for Voice Search

Before the presence of innovative smartphones, people used to search by filling words into search engine boxes on their desktop computers. Keywords were born from this behavior. With the increasing usage of mobile devices, voice searches are growing to be a popular trend among internet users.

Recognizing how to optimize your website for voice search can assist you to produce more organic traffic if you understand and execute conversational searches into your SEO strategy. Voice searches influence SEO in a significant way because it’s all about asking queries through voice instead of entering search queries.

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Mobile UX Will Determine Your Rankings

A website without a mobile version may squander most of its users in the coming years as mobile web pages are a developing trend that will get even more popular in 2020. Especially since more and more people around the world are purchasing smartphones as more cell phone towers are being built for better connectivity. 

SEO is very essential today for businesses irrespective of the industry. Though this doesn’t imply only to the usage of the keywords, it also involves optimizing content for users.

After all, Google is a search engine that processes information depending on how search users behave, and it’s becoming more accurate day by day, which implies that each year new SEO trends emerge that transforms the way information is published on the internet. This makes sure that all users can get answers for their questions in a matter of seconds.

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