personal productivity

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In this article, we will be looking into how you can avoid personal productivity failures with the help of ONPASSIVE! There are many software tools available online for managing task lists, but they usually have the same problems as others.

Here we will be looking into the different ways ONPASSIVE can help you avoid personal productivity failures!

1. Letting distractions in constantly:

Distraction plays a major role in hindering personal productivity and can add to the failure as well. More than 50% of office time is considered as a waste. One of the best ways to start is by letting distractions constantly and the biggest distractions will be social media, email and chat!

ONPASSIVE is great for productivity and it can help you avoid failures of productivity with the following tips such as:

  • Not checking social media every 5 minutes.
  • Turning off all your notifications for your phone.
  • Scheduling your email time between two to three 15 minute blocks.

2. Keeping unrealistic goals:

You have to constantly vote every single day for what you want your future to look like. There are three main exercises for this which are:

  • Multiple quadrants: Building quadrants is great as it comprises many quadrants, especially the ones that hold the most important to you such as family, fitness, travel, and business.

3. Multiple Quadrants:

There are many different quadrants that can help in figuring out antigoals. These will actively help in avoiding periods of the mark, such as:

  • Taking meets specifically on Friday.
  • Start working early by 6 A.M
  • Checking email only once a week
  • Planning the whole week every Friday and planning the night before.

It would help if you took responsibility for the successes or failures of your productivity. When you are structuring your plans, you may struggle with the process by still failing. The best way to do this is to stop personality in its own tracks, and you use it to track your growth.

In conclusion, these are the various methods of avoiding personal productivity failures with the help of ONPASSIVE. We hope you found this article informative in understanding and eliminating failures in personal productivity. Thanks for reading!