Domain Name For Your Blog

Businesses today have to adopt blogging as their content strategy. It has become an essential content format to reach more people online by spending on paid advertising on search engines. You can adopt various blogging types depending upon your content marketing strategy. However, before you begin writing blogs, you need to finish one fundamental task, and that is registering a great domain name for your business blog.

Blogs in the long term will generate traffic to your website, and the visitors convert into leads for your product offerings. With appropriate follow-ups, those leads can be turned into loyal patrons of your business, who will potentially generate growing revenue for your enterprise. Your primary goal is to create a following for your content and consider your blog strategy a success. However, your content strategy can change with time and circumstance; one thing that is difficult to change is the domain name of your blog.


The domain name represents your business, and changing or redirecting your visitors to a different domain can mean a lot of negative things for your followers. They may consider you have abandoned the business or some other company has overtaken your business, which may compel them to lose confidence in the new name.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose the right domain name for your business and stick to it for as long as possible. Now that it is settled that you must not change your blog’s domain name, it is important to choose a particular name and register it. But, it is easier said than done because the name is going to last for decades in the future, and you want it to be relevant to your business. Thus, let us look at the essential things you must do to pick a great domain name that will be suitable for your business in the changing times.

Choosing between keyword domain names and generic names

Keyword domain names are chosen based on SEO research. These domain names help your website to improve its search engine ranking and potentially reach more visitors. However, in contrast, a generic name could be anything and yet strongly resonates with your brand. It may not be “SEO friendly,” but a generic name gives your business opportunity to expand in newer markets and adapt to dynamic business environments. Thus, you need to choose between the keyword domain name and a generic name.

Right domain tor reflect your business

Domains are nothing but your website extensions like ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ ‘.net,’ ‘.biz,’ ‘.us,’ and more. Therefore, the main question is which one to with. Again, we would reiterate it should reflect your business. ‘.com’ is the most popular and highly registered domain in the world. It is because it reflects the domain to be a commercial website. However, if you have finalized on the domain name and is not available in ‘.com’ then you can choose other extensions such as, ‘.us’ if your business primarily targets the US audience.

Nevertheless, if you have a futuristic plan for your business, then you must prefer ‘.com’ the domain over others. And possibly go with a generic domain name and brand it over time.

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Perform a few more checks

A domain name on paper may look fine and made for your business blog. However, you should be careful how it could sound when people are taking the domain name out loudly. You don’t want any unusual, negative, or insensitive connotations from your domain name, which could ruin your brand popularity and word of mouth marketing. After you finalize your domain name, say it out loud and bring your domain name in a conversation with your friends or business partners and see if they can identify any unwarranted connotations.

That’s it! You’re ready to register.

After going all the checks and balances, you are now ready to ahead with domain registration. You can use the Domain Name Registration tool from ONPASSIVE to register the domain name of your business blog for FREE. For more information, you can visit the website and learn more about the registration process.

Go ahead and find the best domain name possible for your blog and register it. Happy blogging.

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