Virtual Event

People have been using the internet to connect with their family and friends, but lately, it has also become essential for professional use. The introduction of virtual events through video conferencing platforms has given rise to several business collaborations. During the pandemic, many businesses shifted to online and hybrid setups, which made the virtual event industry boom. 

Many companies need help to make their virtual experience as memorable and impactful as in-person events. However, virtual meetings are still new for many companies, and they are still determining how to engage their audiences in a virtual event. This blog will focus on how to plan and host a successful virtual event for your business and engage your target audience. 

Types of virtual events

  • Networking events

These events allow attendees to come together and connect in a virtual environment. Several kinds of virtual networking events can be hosted, including get-togethers and after-work parties.

  •  Team-building events

The companies can organize these events to build team morale while involving the team members. The team members can join the event from the comfort of their homes. 

  •  Fundraising events

Charitable and non-profit events are increasing in popularity, and organizations can now host such events virtually with the help of technological advancements. People can raise money at the end of such events.

  •  Hiring events

This is a great way to connect with job seekers through the internet. It helps identify qualified candidates without employers spending too much money and time on recruiting.

  •  Shopping events

Live-streaming shopping is becoming the next big thing on social media. Similarly, shopping events are also creating a buzz in the world of technology, where attendees can shop for products virtually.

  •  Conferences

Virtual conferences help many attendees to interact and collaborate with each other without the need for a costly venue. The group shares ideas and virtually gathers for a professional session.

  •  Webinar

This is a virtual seminar with the help of the web where people connect in an efficient way to have an online discussion along with presentations. People can host polls and surveys in the webinars.

  •  Social events

Some virtual events are for something other than business. Family and friends also organize small and informal social events to hang out with each other. 

Plan and host your virtual events with OCONNECT

It is essential to plan your virtual events before hosting them. OCONNECT is a powerful platform where you can plan and host your events efficiently. 

  • Set goals

It is important to plan the agenda of your virtual event and decide on the target group. Make sure to be clear on the objective of the event and the strategies that will involve the participants. OCONNECT helps you schedule meetings and generate automatic event IDs to share with the participants. It also helps in blocking people who are not invited to the virtual conference.

  •  Choose the right platform

It is crucial to choose a platform before deciding to host a virtual event. There are many platforms in the market to choose from, but ONPASSIVE’s OCONNECT is the latest and upgraded platform with several never-before-seen features. One of its best features is unlimited video calls and unlimited storage.

  • Choose the right time

You may want people from different time zones to join your event; hence, make sure to choose an appropriate time for the virtual event where everyone can comfortably join. OCONNECT does not have a time limit for video calls; therefore, you can plan an event that can run for hours, and people can join and leave easily.

  • Promotion of the event

It would be better if you would promote your virtual event a few days before attracting more participants. You can give a video presentation to the attendees and give them promotional ideas through OCONNECT. You can also host a pre-event meeting to ask all your team members to join and ask them to promote the event afterward. 

  •  Choose a presenter

The success of an event also depends on the way a presenter hosts it. Having a vocal presenter with knowledge about the event is vital. With the help of OCONNECT, it will not be an issue because of its prompter feature. This feature can help a presenter say everything correctly with a prompter on their screen that any other attendee cannot see.

  •  Engage your audience

During the virtual meeting, the engagement of the audience is a necessity, without which no participant will stay back. OCONNECT can help you organize polls that can engage the audience. It also has a feature where people can send emojis to the presenter to express their emotions. YouTube video sharing is another unique feature of OCONNECT that can help audience engagement.

  •  Debrief after the event

Once the event is over, you must note all the bottlenecks during the virtual event to be better prepared for the next one. You must always try to upgrade your virtual event in terms of presentation and engagement. 

Take Away

Hosting virtual events can be a powerful way of building your brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Although hosting a virtual event can be challenging, if you plan it according to the relevance of your audience and include some engaging sessions for everyone, you can end up having a successful virtual event. OCONNECT will help you plan and host virtual events with ease in order to help with your business growth.

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