With the increasing demand for businesses’ online presence, visual communication has become a vital component for marketers to stay connected with potential customers. In the current digital era, rightful communication plays a crucial role in making businesses successful. 
Marketers need to constantly create original and valuable content to constantly communicate with the audience through myriads of channels, including emails. In that case, it becomes challenging for businesses to churn out fresh content for an email marketing campaign frequently. 
This is where repurposing content comes into action. Content marketers can leverage this great idea and continually refresh their content by actively remodeling, repurposing, and recycling the previously used content and sharing it through marketing emails, which helps save their time while maximizing available resources.
The advantage of repurposing the content is that it helps marketers leverage the same content multiple times with a fresh dimension while saving time and effort. Email marketing is still considered one of the most crucial marketing channels. Therefore, many businesses focus mainly on email marketing campaigns to communicate with their audience and update them regularly about upcoming launches.
However, businesses need to keep track of marketing results and figure out what can be changed. Using the right marketing tools, businesses can make their email marketing campaigns successful with minimal effort.
Useful Tips To Remodel Content For Email Marketing 
The following are some valuable tips for marketers to convert old content into a brand new one for an email marketing campaign:
Take Advantage Of Previous Blog Posts 
Before drafting relevant content, marketers need to pick a theme for a particular email marketing campaign before sending in the emails to the audience. Looking at the old blog posts can help marketers get new ideas and new purposes, enabling them to draft a relevant email that helps grab the audience’s attention. 
Generate Ideas From Top Social Media Posts 
One of the great ways to repurpose and recycle your content is to take advantage of social media posts. What works on social media has a great scope to work well for email marketing campaigns as well. Therefore, marketers can analyze posts from various social media platforms and generate ideas to create engaging emails.
Leverage User-generated Content 
User-generated content has a similar effect to that of word of mouth promotions. Showcasing real-life experiences brings an added value to the brand platforms while adding authenticity and a sense of reality to the online presence.
Therefore, content marketers need to leverage the power of user-generated content in email marketing campaigns to boost email engagement. This can be done by adding user images and videos claiming to be happy with your brand and products in your emails.
Utilize The Power Of Infographics 
Another exciting way to repurpose your content is to utilize the power of infographics. Marketers can make the content more exciting by including text, icons, charts, and infographics, enabling marketers to add a sense of punch to the piece of text to grab readers’ attention. 
Infographics also enable readers to get in-depth knowledge on the subject matter being discussed, and the graphics make it easier for them to absorb the content.
Incorporate YouTube Videos 
Incorporating YouTube videos is a powerful idea to repurpose content. Videos can be included in the body of the email to make the content more engaging. Videos that play directly in the readers’ inbox helps to make the content more engaging while increasing the chances of click rates.
Few ways how marketers can add videos in emails include:
* Using a screenshot of a frame from video in the email and linking it to the video
* Adding a GIF of the video and link it 
* Creating animated play button to encourage users to click on the video
* Using HTML and create short video effects on series of static frames
Videos are great marketing tools to increase interactivity and engagement in the campaign and make the content more appealing. 
Create How-to Guides From Tutorials 
Video tutorials are undoubtedly one of the most popular and engaging types of content. However, people find it boring to watch the entire video if it is long. They always look for highlights of the video as a package to refer them to whenever required. 
Therefore, marketers can add highlights from a selected video and build content stories such as How-to-guides to include them in the body of the email. Creating email marketing campaigns to regularly share video story highlights enables them to keep the audience engaged with the brand.
Marketing teams need to design a lot of content for each campaign they introduce in the market. However, churning out fresh content for every campaign can be challenging and time-consuming. 
Therefore, marketers need to take advantage of content repurposing to give a fresh perspective to an old piece of content and create a new engaging content by using previous ideas to increase email clicks and views while making email marketing campaigns more successful.