Web Hosting

Finding a good web hosting service can be an afterthought for many websites. To many, it is common to think that all service providers are the same, so it’s not surprising for people to simply opt for lower-cost providers. However, there are a lot of factors to be considered to make sure that your site performs to its full potential and reach the right audience effectively.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a web hosting service and how ONPASSIVE Web Hosting ensures efficient results for your websites:

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The speed at which your website loads is a vital booster of your search engine rankings. For instance, Google constantly tweaks its algorithm that prioritizes websites on how quickly webpage loads. The faster the speed of a website, the happier visitors are with their experience. Therefore, it’s essential that your site loads as soon as possible to ensure that you’re getting the full potential of SEO as well as help your website’s visitors with positive experiences that can convert them into prospects. ONPASSIVE Web Hosting tool is built and coded to provide speed and avoid slow loading times that can annoy visitors.

Lack of Awareness:

Hosting providers are sometimes faulty and, it’s common that they don’t understand the impacts on search engine rankings. This can lead them to hurt the SEO measures of your websites unintentionally. It is crucial that you choose the right hosting provider to make sure none of their policies affect your search rankings, thereby your website’s customer experience. ONPASSIVE web hosting uses intelligent systems to provide shared hosting services that help in lowering the cost and enhancing customer experiences. Sites will be up and running on the top of search rankings with the right web hosting strategies.

Irregular Uptime:

The reliability of a host’s uptime is one of the prominent things a provider must consider. If a website is down or slow at times, or if your site is inaccessible, it isn’t very good for SEO purposes, which means that search engines are not able to reach your websites on time. When the search engine can’t crawl around your site, there is no way for them to determine how your website is optimized for SEO. A search engine can’t index appropriately if it doesn’t know the updated keyword or phrase in the content on your site, and your search rankings will struggle. ONPASSIVE optimizes and updates your website content consistently to keep your search rankings at top.


Regardless of how secure your website is, if your host isn’t secured, then your site is vulnerable to hackers. Not only is there sensitive business information and client data at risk when hacked or infected by malware, but search engines may also find you if this isn’t solved. Therefore, make sure you choose the right provider who can guarantee you secured hosting services. ONPASSIVE web hosting tools will reduce the risks of malicious attacks and increases your search engine rankings. The better your website is doing, the higher it ranks in the search results. 

Your website fails if it is hosted on a shabby host. If your site is currently hosted on such servers, do everything you can to choose a better hosting provider. ONPASSIVE web hosting is designed to enhance load time, reduce downtime, website crash, and provides better search engine optimization rankings. A good web host will guarantee better search engine optimization rankings, enhanced uptime, and optimize your site with reduced load time.

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