Business Growth

If you run a small business, you know it is common to set a goal of making sure your business doesn’t stay small and constantly work on building it to a booming business.

Obviously, providing your customers with right and reliable service is one of the effective ways to make sure that your business thrives. However, it is important that you should leverage on growth hacks to help your business flourish with even greater efficiency. Here are a few tips that are worth adding to your growing list of business tasks.

Prioritize Content Marketing for Business Growth

We are all familiar with a common notion – “Content is king.” Bill Gates made this prediction in the budding days of the Internet and not a day goes by everyone thinking that he was right. Today more effective marketing campaigns are looking for valuable content to interact with their customers. This can be in any form, from blog articles, videos, podcasts, to any other sort of content that would turn the head of your customers.

Prioritizing content marketing will be a major benefit for you to grow your business because statistics say that developing it costs approximately 62% less than any other forms of marketing, and yielding more leads at the same time.

Present Free Content to Grab Email List Subscribers

Again, there are many types of content you can take advantage to market your business. An email list is one of the important things to keep in mind. According to recent research, the ROI (return on investment) of email marketing is 3800%.

It is essential that have an email list of subscribers to effectively deliver that ROI. Attract the ROI by offering your visitors and social media followers free content, newsletters, updates on their interests in exchange for finishing up a signing up process.

For example, perhaps you run a small catering business. You could publish a short ebook on your top catering tips for other small businesses to follow and allowing customers to download it once they subscribe. This will help you grow your subscribers’ list and will boost the following much more quickly than any other marketing ways could.

Automate Your Processes

Achieving a small business success can probably keep you busy. During the early stages of growth, you may have fewer or no employees at all. That means you’re the only one who’s responsible for everything.

It is important that you optimize your time by automating certain processes and think about new ways to get the job done. For instance, several companies practice automated scheduling of posts on social media to save a lot of time and improve the efforts of social media marketing with the help of automation apps and platforms. ONPASSIVE is one such platform that can facilitate automation to many such instances in your business process. Join ONPASSIVE to automate your business and gain more traction.

Target the Right Audience on Social Media

Social media platforms give us the opportunity to reach a number of customers with any marketing content. Just make sure you’re using the platform properly. If there are posts like social media ads without any motive, you can’t ensure that it reaches the right user. Make sure to find the types of users who are actually interested in your products or services by using several audiences targeting tools available on a few social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Make Decisions Based on Data Analysis

Data analysis may not seem like the most fun task in the world, but plays play an important role in your every business’s success. For example, if you work on your marketing data and find your Instagram content gets more engagement than what you are posting on Facebook, you’ll know you should focus more time and energy developing marketing campaigns for Instagram. This way, AI will help you find your weakest and strongest areas where your focus is much needed.

What’s most vital is that you genuinely apply these tips and your business is far more likely to grow fast if you do. AI can easily help in small business success. ONPASSIVE is an AI platform that is publicizing AI to many companies and making it easier for businesses to implement AI in their practices for business growth.