Prep Up For Celebrating National Small Business Week 2021

Do you want to participate in National Small Business Week? If yes, then prep up yourself for this year’s celebration. 

However, what this National Small Business Week celebration is all about? Small businesses contribute significantly to local communities and the national economy. Thus, during this week-long celebration, small businesses and their contribution are appreciated and celebrated. This tradition has been in existence for 50 years now. It is typically organized during the first week of May each year. However, it is going to be organized from September 12-18 this year

If you own a small business and work for one, or you appreciate the contributions made by small businesses, then you must take part in this celebration. 

Five ideas On Celebrating National Small Business Week 2021

Following are the five ways of celebrating National Small Business Week 2021:

 1. Share your entrepreneurial story

You must have begun your entrepreneurial journey for a reason. Perhaps the same reason might inspire you to wake up each morning and get going. 

Thus, don’t keep your story to yourself. Share it with others to inspire them and create an impact.

During this year’s Small Business Week, convey your story and let your customers and supporters know why you do what you do. 

Consider using popular hashtags like #MySmallBizWhy or #SmallBusinessWeek to join with other small businesses. Also, share a photo along with a short caption to let customers understand your passion for the work you do.

2. Express gratitude for the people who keep your business going

There are several reasons why your business is functional. Take out a moment to appreciate and say thank you to all those who make your business possible. 

Maybe you have got a brilliant staff or loyal customer base. Maybe you have a mentor who is always there to guide and support you when you need. Pause your daily workload for some time and express gratitude. 

Consider writing thank you cards, sending a thank you email to your supporters, publishing an appreciation post on social media. Apart from that, go one step ahead and make a short thank you video if you are comfortable with that. These all are feel-good gestures that will make a huge difference.

3. Invest in education 

Make most of this year’s Small Business Week event. You can learn new skills and increase the scope of your potential through free webinars hosted by SBA. 

Sign up for quality webinars on different domains, including search engine optimization, email marketing, or social media marketing.  

You can also take advantage of on-demand webinars if you prefer to learn in the comfort of your own time. 

4. Collaborate with other small businesses 

In this Small Business Week, consider collaborating with other small businesses; thereby, strengthen your influence. 

For instance, a clothing store could grow its exposure by setting up a display at a local salon and offering 15 percent off coupons to all salon customers. 

However, consider collaborating with businesses that have a similar audience as you. That’s how your product and services can complement their products and services. 

5. Spread the word 

Small Business Week offers you an opportunity to celebrate your business. Thus, participate in it with the whole spirit. 

Spread the word out by sending emails to your customers. Make an announcement of Small Business Week through social media posts as well. Thereby, seek support from your customers. By reaching out to customers, you are letting them participate in your celebration. 

Wrap up 

Make use of these five simple yet effective ideas to make the most of this year’s Small Business Week. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter how you want to celebrate. What is really important is identifying the kind of impact and contributions your business could make through this event. So, prep up and get going.