Product Launch Strategy

When your company has a brand new product to offer, every team, whether it is design and development or the Board of Directors, everyone knows it’s great, but does it stand a chance in the market without a product launch strategy?

Developing a stable product launch strategy will ensure that your product successfully brings in significant revenue for your business.

According to the reports from the Marketing Research Association, only 40% of newly developed products make their way to the market, but only 60% generate profitable revenue.

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With such a slim chance of success, well-organized tactics for your product launch strategy will make a massive difference between success and failure in the market.

Integrating features to make your product highly shareable from the start is the ultimate key. When done right, these features will contribute significantly to sustainable long term growth.

Cometh the launch time, to get people to share and talk about your product is very critical. It gives you that extra push that you would help you gain the initial attention and create a hype about your product in your target audience.

These tips will surely help you strategize your product launch. Plan for the future with these strategies and ensure that your product delivers.

In the ever-changing consumer market, technology is the key to success. In this article, I will share with you multiple ways to get people to share your product.

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Let’s Get Started!

Request Shares on Your Key Landing Pages & in Follow-Up Emails:

You can invite prospects to sign up for a pre-order and request them to share your product. Once your prospects fill up the contact form on your company’s website, they will be redirected to your website’s landing page. The landing page then asks them to share your company’s website in various ways, such as social media, emails, or a shareable link that one can paste anywhere they feel. You can even send emails to the new pre-order subscribers, thanking them and asking for a share.

You may even run offers for your pre-order waiting list to refer their friends and gradually move up the queue, and they will also know how many are waiting above them on the waiting list.

You may send a welcome email that informs about the opportunity to get early access by referring your friends, and it also provides a link to the page where you can check your position on the waiting list, prompting you for more referrals.

You may even prompt your new users to share your product on various social media platforms right before the first time setup of their user dashboard.

Make Users Take Advantage of Milestones To Inspire Shares:

You can invite your existing users to talk about your products and reach important milestones such as a large number of user signups or the launch of an essential new feature. In return, you may award them with reward points or discounts. It is a great way to inspire your product shares and mentions. You may have already asked the users to share your product earlier during sign up or using the trial version, but there is no shame in requesting again.

Introduce Badges To Reward Users With Early Access:

Your product’s success indeed depends on various other aspects, such as product quality, customer support, etc. Along with quality and support, the newness that you bring to your product launch strategy is also very essential.

You may introduce a badge system for your prospects in the waiting list to gift them with early access to your software. The users will be rewarded with early access to your software if they place your badge on their websites or blogs. You may attach a referral number with every badge click, which will help you determine which website or blog’s visitors are interested in your product. This data will be more than a helpful resource for your future marketing tactics.

Request An Influencer to Gift Access to Their Community:

You may generate a code for your existing user or an influencer and request them to post that code on their community and mention that the code will be valid only for one hour. It will increase the visibility of your product but also will inspire people interested in your product to react quickly.

There are multiple ways you can create that hype about your new product. But, to find out the best method for your business, you will have to test various approaches and strategies.

If you believe the tips mentioned above will help your product launch strategy, then you are in the right place. Joining GoFounders will grant you that access to ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered business automation tools that encourage you to try out these viral sharing tricks to market your latest product.

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