What is a video marketing strategy?

Marketing teams design video marketing strategies as a part of their marketing campaigns by creating videos and curate them to promote and market their products and services to the target audience. It is an idea that helps to keep the audience engaged with the brand.

Video marketing is a forward-facing marketing strategy used by businesses to integrate videos into engaging marketing campaigns. It helps in building customer rapport and promoting products and services along with the brand.

With the rise of social media, video has become a highly effective form of content. It has become the most useful tool for marketers to educate potential buyers about the product. According to a survey, 94 per cent of marketers felt using videos in their campaign helped them increase user understanding of products and services.

Types of Product Videos for Business Marketing Strategies 

1. Product close-up 

Product close-up videos display specific features of your product that are not visible in the picture. These videos zoom your product and demonstrate the functions of the product and showcase it from multiple angles.

These videos showcase the product and capture as many details as possible to provide customers with a clear understanding.

2. Video testimonials 

One of the most persuasive and powerful motivators to get people to purchase your product is social proof; it is vital to include it in your marketing campaign. 

  • Surveys conducted in different countries prove that 92 per cent of consumers worldwide trust and prefer product recommendations from friends and family above other forms of advertising.
  • The goal of video testimonials is to have customers describe their interests about what they liked about your products significantly and how they helped them.

3. Product Overview 

A product- overview video provides in-depth features and benefits of the product. These videos usually have to demonstrate the product features, how it works and why customers should consider buying the product.

The speaker usually speaks about:

  • Specific features of the product.
  • How it’s different from the competitive products.
  • How customers can benefit from this particular product.

4. Product Tutorial 

In contrast to the product overview, the product tutorial videos suggest how customers can use the product or perform specific tasks using that particular product showcased in the video.

These videos are significant for sceptical customers and show them how to achieve a particular goal in a convincing manner driving them to purchase the product.

5. Explainer video 

These videos are popular and widely used to explain your product in a short period. Explainer videos usually start by telling a story about a customer’s journey in dealing with a problem and finding a solution using this specific product.

Explainer videos can be made in an animated format or can also be live-action videos. They are usually of 30 seconds to a 1-minute duration and don’t necessarily explain product features.

6. Message from the founder 

Although videos consisting of a message from founder or CEO; it is not used by many companies, and it works well when executed properly. It can be a powerful tool for your marketing campaign to gain the trust of the audience.

Featuring the company head is one of the best ways to personalize a brand and build a strong connection with the audience or customers.

Benefits of product video strategies to boost up sales

Blogging and content marketing are used commonly in marketing strategies. Video marketing is quickly growing as a leader in the marketing campaign and is dominating the online marketing platforms.

  • People are more interested in watching videos.

One-third of all the time people spend online allocated to watching videos. People prefer watching videos as they are easy to consume and easily understandable.

Therefore, businesses can use this as a benefit and create engaging videos about their products by engaging and explaining to the audience the benefits of using them. Product videos increase the chances to motivate potential consumers to buy the products.

  • Videos are informative.

Videos contain information that answers user questions about products and services. By watching Product Videos, people will have an idea about the benefits and uses of products and decide whether to buy them or not. Therefore, product videos have a critical impact on the purchase decisions of consumers.

  • Videos are effective means of marketing.

With the rising popularity of videos, most businesses are using product videos as a part of their online marketing strategies. It increases the traffic to your site. Most marketers find videos are the most effective means of engaging potential customers with the brand.

  • Videos helps driving organic traffic.

Many companies spend hours getting linked to high-quality sites. The quality of a website depends on the bounce rate. When the visitors move away from your website as soon as they visit, then it is considered to be of low quality. Therefore, the best option to drive more organic traffic is to utilize videos to reduce the bounce rate.

  • Videos drive conversations.

The human brain processes visuals more quickly compared to text and images. It makes product videos the most accessible form for online marketing campaigns, and their impact is to grow even more in the coming years. Videos let you establish a more personal feel to the product message and is most likely to drive emotional connection in the audience.

To Conclude 

Product videos are the simplest means to get potential customers interested in your products. A quality and informational video about your product engages the audience and helps them understand more about your brand and impacts their purchase decision. Video marketing is currently a rapidly growing video asset to B2B companies to boost up their sales.