Work from Home

Most of us are encountering a mandatory lockdown on account of the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has caused substantial loss of life and has affected several global economies. With each passing day, there is a constant increase in the number of positive cases and death. Indeed, this is no more an epidemic anymore, but a pandemic; the World Health Organization (WHO) lately altered their segmentation of COVID-19 from a public health emergency of worldwide concern to a pandemic. Maintaining the safety of the population in mind, the Governments have declared a total lockdown and urged businesses to enable employees to work from home. 

Corporates are concerned about this diktat reducing employee productivity, considering the problems such as cybersecurity, poor connectivity, remote collaboration, allocation, data, etc.

This grants an ever-increasing requirement to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Across the world, businesses are starting to see the worth in well-thought-out business continuity plans to keep their employees safe and make sure that their business can operate smoothly if another situation arises.

With several companies now scrambling for suitable solutions that will encourage the shift from working on-site to working remotely. What they have to remember is not just resolving the concerns of remote working, but rather, how to do so easily.

By leveraging the right combination of dynamic digital tools and innovative software, one can transform the remote working experience productive and seamless.

Wireless Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) and Connectivity:

When working from home, it is simpler to maintain continuity and productivity if you have uninterrupted wireless connectivity and utilize a voice assistant device. The tightly integrated range of products such as Broadband – Wi-Fi and Home Networking (VADs and Smart TVs) plays a crucial role in making sure uninterrupted connectivity while working from home. Voice Assistant Devices set the point of interaction between users and all the interconnected devices. For example, the Amazon Echo Dot connects to Alexa – a cloud-based voice service and can be practiced to streamline work chores as it enables you to stay on track, fill your agenda, make appointments, make phone calls, and set reminders.

Virtual Meeting Tools 

One of the initial steps to connecting the gap is making meetings easier, mainly since remote working typically directs to more meetings per day. Beyond merely getting the virtual meeting platform in place, newer ideas such as ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ (BYOM) are growing in prominence as they are crucial for employee experience and to make remote meetings effortless. These solutions enable hosts to hold a conference call from their personal device utilizing their preferred conferencing solution and connect to the equipment accessible in the meeting space, only by plugging in – no dial-in or PINs required. Attendees can just plug in the conference button, and all audio and video streams will be received on their device, serving to lessen the overall time it takes to set up an online meeting considerably. It is a natural progression and is the next step in workplace meeting productivity.

Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage platforms allow users to store and share files, including relevant documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets, in one centralized and secure location. Moreover, employees across the globe can update and access the files stored in such drives as the system can be synced across devices, making sure effective teamwork and collaboration.

Time Trackers Solutions 

While working from home, it is challenging to keep track of your jobs and the time being spent on each. In this condition, a time-tracking application for the entire team enables employers and employees to manage your team as well as personal output, inspiring employees to be more accountable and productive throughout their work hours. Characteristics such as alerts for urgent messages help bypass distractions, thus increasing productivity during work-from-home.

Project Management Software 

These tools allow you to visually plan, maintain, and schedule your projects and can assist you in producing a perfect illustration of your projects and tasks. The software help streamline your everyday workflow and enable efficient collaboration with your team members, making these flawless fits for remote working.

With no approved remedy for the pandemic and the governments taking all efforts imaginable to restrain its spread, it’s yet to be seen how long the remote working situation will remain. As we wait for everything to go back to normal, these ONPASSIVE digital tools will help you overcome adversities linked to remote working and support you to be more efficient and productive. Get Started with ONPASSIVE to increase the overall productivity and achieve your business dreams.