Productivity Hurdles Every Startup Faces

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, running a startup is not an easier task. There’s no doubt that startups will have various ups and downs. You will need to overcome different obstacles, such as ensuring employee productivity, maintaining profitability, managing time, and much more. You may also need to focus on building your brand image, retaining employees, and acquiring new customers. However, the central core of these activities is to increase productivity.

This is because focusing on productivity will help you achieve your business objectives and goals. As such, entrepreneurship is becoming imperative for business growth and success. Let’s look at the various productivity hurdles encountered by startups and explore ways to tackle them.

Inefficient time management

Time management is one of the key concerns faced by business leaders today. New business leaders often prefer to do significant business tasks, such as bookkeeping and customer service. This eventually leads to wasting too much time on needless actions. By freeing up your time from low priority activities, you can focus more on higher priority activities.

Moreover, it gives you enough time to take care of your mental health and personal activities.

Business automation solutions have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale. By leveraging automation tools and applications, new entrepreneurs to automate day-to-day tasks and stay connected to their customers via chatbots. If you are starting your digital transformation journey, don’t make it complicated by relying on multiple tools. Start small and expand over time.

Productivity tools being used incorrectly

It’s not often essential to use multiple productivity tools together; you may opt to choose tools and applications that enhance employee productivity and reduce operational costs. By depending on too many productivity tools, you may lose control over the business activities. 

Before opting for a productivity tool, identify the challenges in your organization. Then prioritize the activities that need to be streamlined. By doing so, you can choose tools that can fill your organizational gap.

Keeping up with the market demand is becoming difficult

In today’s rapidly transforming marketplace, adapting to the changing market needs is vital for businesses to maintain profitability. Also, most startups fail to have a contingency plan to keep with uncertainties in the market. This eventually leads to significant losses for firms of all sizes. So, you work towards business growth while preparing for the worst-case scenarios.

Most startups face difficulties keeping up with the production due to the lack of resources and fluctuating demands. So, you must have a robust business objective or goal to adapt to the market changes quickly. Additionally, businesses must always be planned for the sudden dips and surges in demand. This mainly applies to companies dealing with production and manufacturing.

Lack of efficient planning

Always be prepared for the unexpected and keep pace with the changing customers’ needs and requirements. If you fail to make, you may fail to succeed. So, always have proper planning of all business activities, from accounting, sales, marketing, hiring, and scaling, to expanding.

Entrepreneurship means being proactive instead of reactive. The factors such as prioritizing your tasks, eliminating time-wasting activities, and monitoring KPIs are the key to achieving business success. A reliable business strategy and efficient planning can help businesses reach to great heights.

Disorganized organizational culture

In a startup, taking care of the corporate culture is vital. Otherwise, there are possibilities of distractions that can impact organizational productivity. You may give responsibilities to your employees and consider their suggestions while making business decisions. Besides, organize employee engagement activities in your office to enhance employee productivity and collaboration.

Lack of respect

To enhance workplace collaboration, you must do your part as well. Whether yours is a small or medium-sized enterprise, you must treat your employees with respect. Try to set realistic goals rather than having unrealistic expectations. Also, prioritize employee health by providing access to mental health resources. This will enhance employee trust and contribute to business growth.

Inefficient customer retention strategies

As retaining existing customers is easier than acquiring new customers, you may focus on identifying innovative ways to keep customers. However, maintaining and acquiring customers seem to be extremely challenging in these days. This is where personalized strategies can help businesses to reach their target market. Business automation tools make it easier for business owners to understand the changing needs and demands of their customers. This eventually can help business leaders to personalize strategies for their audiences.


You may encounter various hindrances on the way to success. But, always have trust in your strengths and strive hard to reach your final goal. Always stay proactive rather than reactive and remain prepared to face all the uncertainties on the road to success.