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The fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across all sectors to a lesser or greater extent. To navigate the business impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and gain a strategic advantage, leading firms have begun leveraging automation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

This is where ONPASSIVE steps in with its best-in-class AI-based marketing automation tools. Organizations can enhance business growth with ONPASSIVE AI tools, even amid unexpected situations. ONPASSIVE AI tools can also help businesses across multiple sectors to cut costs during economic turmoil, provide faster services to customers, and revamp operations for distributed work.

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How ONPASSIVE AI Tools can Help Businesses Navigate the Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis:

Sales Prioritization

One of the most significant applications of AI-based tools that have become particularly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis is sales and business development. AI tools can help organizations identify customers that are most likely to buy a product or service from their company. Besides, these tools enable sales managers to improve productivity and effectiveness by prioritizing customers at different stages of the customer journey. COVID-19 has impacted customer buying behavior and spending patterns, creating a ton of new, unstructured data. AI-based automation tools can cut through the noise and find out what consumers feel and need. Business Leaders can also enhance business growth with ONPASSIVE AI tools, even during unexpected challenges and situations.

Streamline Supply and Demand 

AI tools are gaining ground in supply chain management, in particular demand forecasting, where an endless loop of prediction continually adjusts inventory levels. ONPASSIVE AI tools alleviate inconsistent inventory buys, overstocking, under-stocking, and consequent margin erosion. This subsequently aids supply chain leaders to enhance customer retention and drive customer satisfaction. AI tools efficiently predict sales and drives improved forecasts based on real-time data using internal and external influencers, including demographics, weather, the performance of similar items, and even social media data. Besides, the adoption of AI tools to analyze varied demand patterns and scenarios can provide an end-to-end view of the supply chain and optimize the delivery of merchandise while balancing supply and demand. So, protect your business growth with ONPASSIVE AI tools at these unprecedented times.

Cash-Flow Forecasting

As revenue streams dry up due to the rising uncertainties, cash flow is likely to continue to be a severe concern for smaller and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, AI automation tools are already in place that analyzes data for cash-flow forecasting. AI tools accelerate collections with automated dunning and improve accounts receivable processes via AI. This subsequently enables organizations to protect business growth with ONPASSIVE amidst the rising uncertainties and unexpected situations.

Detect Anomalies in IT Operations

Another significant application of AI tools that have become relevant during the COVID-19 crisis is security. As many employees are working from home owing to the government initiatives to contain the spread of the pandemic, there has been an explosion in the number of threat entry points to an enterprise’s network. Consequently, IT teams have been struggling to secure employee, client, and business data. By regularly monitoring usage patterns, an AI-based tool can help IT, teams, to analyze information on the network to detect anomalies and suggest appropriate corrective measures. This can subsequently help organizations to achieve business growth with ONPASSIVE.

Brand Management

As coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, there is an emerging shift in consumer behavior across sectors. With the pandemic giving rise to new trends and behaviors, businesses face challenges meeting customers’ demands and maintaining profitability. With automation, organizations can automate all the content across the internet regularly and identify critical issues. In addition to this, users can define a set of focus keywords, define the context, and protect business growth with ONPASSIVE AI tools.

Enhance Business Efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world under an extended lockdown, creating a cascading effect on economic growth. This has subsequently led to labor shortages across all major industries, especially the industrial and manufacturing sectors. At these unprecedented times, AI tools can aid businesses to automate processes and minimize workforce requirement. Also, businesses will not need to deal with employee turnover and incur vocational costs. Besides, the use of artificial intelligence in automation makes it a lot easier for businesses to execute routine operations and scale fast.

Final Thoughts

ONPASSIVE provides us with excellent AI-based automation tools to navigate the COVID-19 crisis and redefine the new normal in a post-COVID era. Protect your business growth with ONPASSIVE in the midst of unexpected situations. Connect with us to learn how our products and services can help you to deal with increased demand during uncertainties.

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