Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

Many businesses, particularly those in the B2B sector, rely on lead generation. Many B2B marketers believe it’s all about the numbers, but this isn’t entirely accurate. For B2B tech companies, there has been a significant impact on lead generation. In simpler terms, it means that business leads are becoming harder to obtain. As the social pool gets smaller, this trend will continue. 

B2B tech companies must get creative about where they get their leads to survive and thrive in today’s connected world. A healthy marketing strategy for the majority of them includes social media marketing across a variety of platforms.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn gives businesses a dedicated platform to connect with the world’s professionals in one place, However, you must put forth the effort if you want to generate valuable B2B leads.

While some marketers use it as an inbound marketing platform, attracting potential customers through organic posts and paid ads. Others simply send everyone connection requests and cold messages.

Although it is known as the social media platform for B2B marketing, getting results from it isn’t as simple as you might think. You can’t just put some basic information on your company page and send out a few invitations to reconnect with old coworkers and expect the magic to happen.

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

The following are a few advanced and proven strategies that you can use to generate quality B2B leads on LinkedIn:

  • Make Your Company’s Page More Appealing

First and foremost, ensure that your LinkedIn company page is engaging and ready to generate leads for your company.Creating a company page and slapping a logo on it will not attract visitors.

Businesses need to optimize it to increase their LinkedIn search visibility. When someone visits your page, they should have all the information they need to learn more about your company.

  •  Expand Your LinkedIn Network

Once your company page and personal profile are ready for your target audience to see, it’s best to start building your connections. It is critical that you recall one important fact. Sending requests to random peer members is a simple way to make hundreds of connections.

You’ll need a large number of relevant connections who will comment on your posts. Your connections will be more likely to share and engage with your content if relevant to them, which will help you reach their connections.

You’ll be able to grow your organic presence while potentially generating leads this way.

  •  Share Industry-relevant Content

To build a strong brand presence on LinkedIn, you must be consistent in posting and sharing relevant content that benefits your target audience.

This helps to establish your brand’s authority in the industry, and you’ll become known among your target audience as a reliable source of information and an expert in the services you provide.

LinkedIn allows you to create posts with images, documents, and videos, allowing you to be creative and share information in a variety of ways.

  •  Find New Prospects Using Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are new groups of people who may be interested in your product but have never heard of it or interacted with it. These audiences are created by LinkedIn by identifying people who share the same characteristics as the target audiences. This is yet another excellent way to find new prospects based on your existing contacts in the matched audiences.

By extracting data from matched audiences, LinkedIn allows you to create lookalike audiences. You can make a lookalike of your website visitors, current clients, and other contacts in your database.

This is an effective way to generate new leads without having to spend a lot of money on advertising to a broad audience that may or may not be your ideal customer.

  •  Run LinkedIn Display Ads strategically

LinkedIn PPC campaigns or display Ads can be the most expensive among other platforms, but they don’t have to drain your marketing budget with low ROI. All you have to do now is use it wisely.

Instead of using LinkedIn Ads to target users who share a common customer persona, you can use it to target the most profitable prospects.

For example, suppose your company sells marketing CRM to small businesses, startups, and enterprise brands. In that case, you can use LinkedIn Display Ads to target enterprise prospects because the deal value is higher, resulting in a higher ROI on the campaign investment.


As a professional networking site, LinkedIn is a dedicated source of high-quality B2B leads. With millions of users on the platform, if you can strategically implement the above lead generation strategies, you’ll see a significant increase in the number of leads for your business.