Webinar Marketing Strategies

Today, webinars are gaining massive popularity in the market. Webinars have become one of the best marketing strategies for B2B businesses, whether small or large. B2B businesses leverage webinars to educate customers about their products and services.

Also, leading companies regularly release webinars about their tools and their features. This is because a solid webinar marketing strategy drives huge leads and conversions.

There’s no doubt that webinars will be a significant sales driver for B2B companies in the coming years.

While webinars are one of the significant drivers of B2B sales, all webinars are not entirely successful. For a webinar to be successful, you must have a solid webinar marketing strategy in place.

Many are still wondering how to make most out of the webinars? To help you out, we have outlined different ways to create a compelling webinar marketing strategy.

  • Find an engaging topic

Keywords and search engine optimization not only work for articles, but webinars must also be optimized for keywords to increase traffic. Initially, search for a trending topic related to your business.

Google Trends can help you come up with engaging topics for your next webinar. Secondly, optimize the landing page of the webinar to increase sign-ups.

Once you find the keyword to focus on, come up with engaging content around them. Also, include focus keywords and related keywords on the landing page of the webinar to increase sign-ups and eventually drive conversions.

  • Have an optimized landing page

Promoting your webinars require an optimized landing page, where people can register to attend the webinar. This landing page must be optimized to rank high in Google search engines.

Consider adding detailed information on what the webinar is about and the speakers who will be participating. Also, specify the time for the webinar so that no one misses out. The landing page must be optimized with all the keywords.

  • Invite influencers for your webinars

The role of influencers in marketing has been tremendous. Influencers help businesses promote their products or services through their digital channels. This will eventually help companies to reach more customers and drive sales.

You can plan monthly webinars from different influencers. Leading companies use this technique to reach out to customers throughout the world. Even webinars can be presented in different languages by collaborating with influencers all across the globe.

To host an influencer-driven webinar, you can use functionalities such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. An advantage of hosting Live webinars in social channels is that influencers can cross-stream their webinars to own page.

  • Expand brand-driven search terms

It’s merely challenging to rank your webinars for high competition keywords. So, you can build up your keywords by adding your company name.

This will be easier for ranking on the Google search engine. Also, by expanding the brand-driven search term, customers can easily find and register for your webinars.

If you are doing a webinar on content marketing, the keyword ‘content marketing webinar’ will have high competition, and it is difficult to get ranked on the Google search engine.

In that case, if you use (brand name) content marketing webinar, your webinars have a high chance of ranking on the Google search engine.

  • Don’t neglect the use of hashtags

The use of hashtags has become more critical than ever. Today, people use hashtags to search for content. So, including relevant hashtags will increase traffic to your content.

The same rule applies to webinars. For a webinar, you must create a unique hashtag and give them an identity on social channels.

Before conducting a webinar, you will need to promote them on social channels to increase sign-ups. At these times, you can consider using hashtags related to the webinar.

Also, don’t miss out on using common hashtags while promoting your webinars online.

  • Release teaser

The promotion of the webinars should not always be in the form of content. You can release a teaser video, including all the speakers. This will help audiences get a better idea of your webinar and increase sign-ups.

The teaser video can be promoted through all social channels and paid promotions. This will eventually increase sign-ups and drive conversion and sales.

Also, there are various webinar listing sites available online. You can consider registering your webinars in locations with high domain scores.


To devise a compelling webinar marketing strategy, find an engaging topic, have an optimized landing page, expand brand-driven search terms, and collaborate with influencers.

A compelling webinar is sure to help you reach new prospects, build brand credibility, communicate with target audiences, and drive conversions.