ONPASSIVE Founding CEO Ash Mufareh has put together something truly incredible. It’s clear that the company is an emerging paradigm shift for business and education around the globe. The ONPASSIVE technical, legal, support and management teams are unsurpassable. Collectively the teams have thousands of years of professional experience. The quality and the value of their digital creations are genuinely remarkable. ONPASSIVE takes the products even further by integrating them into portfolios giving each product several features. This elevates these products to a new level, but for ONPASSIVE, that is not enough. To further increase the superiority, the products are wrapped with machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable passive decision making behind the scenes. The ML and AI further fortify success for the users of the products. Every portfolio is a business in itself, and all combined the ONPASSIVE portfolios evaluate to a sky-scraping market cap. If ONPASSIVE doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.