Reasons to have Multi-language Website for Your Business

With the rapid increase of technology, the internet continues to grow and is considered a default point of call for individuals and businesses to search for information, goods and services. 

With most businesses focusing on increasing sales translating websites is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Providing customers with the option to read the content of your website in their native language increases the chances of them making purchases from your site.

Websites are built to attract users and are made in a user-friendly manner. A multi-language website will help businesses expand their reach and provide a chance to reach a much wider audience. From a competitive perspective making your business website multi-lingual will become increasingly important to transform your Business.

How to make your website multi-lingual?

Steps to make your website easily accessible in all languages are as follows:

* Translate the content of your Website 

There are several options available to translate your website content. Businesses can hire a professional translator or consider using a neural machine translator service as Google translate. But proofreading the translated content is always necessary when using Google translator to check grammatical errors due to literal translation.

* Adapt visual content 

Text is not the only element that has to be translated. The same principle should be applied to images as well. When businesses want to display images on their page to offer more localized service, they can choose the apt images from various sites, to match the context of the regional language of the text.

 * Modify SEO for all Languages 

Once the translation stage is completed, businesses need to make sure that the content is available in all languages across the internet which helps to optimize all your new pages to search engines.

Businesses should conduct keyword research in new languages and update the SEO setting accordingly because each international market comes with its own SEO needs and internet search habits. Updating SEO increases the chances of potential customers reaching your website.

Ensure your site is Multi-lingual

Once the website content is ready, its time to let the customers know that they can access your site information in different languages. You can use the easy-to-spot menu and customize it with a written abbreviation or mini flag icons representing each language or even both to help users understand the language options available.

Adding a user-friendly language-switcher option on your site makes it easier for users and customers to access the content in different languages.

Reasons why the multi-language website benefits your Business 

 * Reaching large audience group 

The first and foremost advantage of having a multi-language website for your business is that it will expand your reach. You can reach new segments of the audience by providing multiple language options to the users on your site. 

This will not only provide an opportunity to reach new customers even in other countries but will in turn help in increasing sales and profitability.

 * Establishing competitive Advantage

Businesses need to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves, especially in these crucial economic conditions. The pandemic situation has resulted in the fallout of many businesses and brought a lot of changes in customers spending habits. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to be creative to survive in this tough time.

Having a multi-language website will provide the right kind of boost to businesses by increasing e-commerce sales by reaching a large sector of audience all over the world.

 * Reduces bounce rates while improving conversion rates 

Customers from other countries are less likely to exit from your site when you provide them with multiple language options because they can view the content in their own language. 

This way going multilingual will reduce the bounce rate of our site and increase your conversion rate because customers are more likely to purchase a product when the information is available in their native language.

 * International Search Engine Optimization

online success of a business depends on its ability to reach a higher rank on Search Engine result pages (SERP’s). the higher the website rank, the more you are visible to your potential customers. Higher accessibility will impact your company’s sales and profits.

Other than translating the content, businesses should also optimize international SEO which includes translating all the information of your site including metadata and having it indexed on search engine result pages (SERP). This structures your website and makes it easy for search engine bots to scan and give a higher rank on the results page.

 * Makes your site customer-centric 

Having a multi-lingual website is crucial for businesses because it is personalized and secures customers and sales enabling companies to have a customer-centric approach. 

users feel acknowledged when they can access your website content in their language. Providing users with quality content helps you gain a competitive advantage and commercial success.

 * Improves Brand Image 

A translated website gives your business a wider reach which means a large group of the audience will be aware of your brand. A multiple language website is a proof that the organization is running a global business which in turn attract users all over the world who will start associating with your products and services. Therefore, a multi-language website will not only differentiate you from your competitors but also improves your brand image.

 * Cost-Efficient Marketing 

With almost every language added to the website, businesses can have an advantage of a potential increase in sales with the ability to communicate with international customers as well. With a large group of audience visiting and viewing your site, marketing and creating brand awareness can be done easily and in a cost-effective manner. 


With continuous shift and changes in the competitive business world, many companies are currently focusing on translating their website into multiple languages for a wider reach. Although multilingual websites are still in the early stage, there is a huge scope of multinational companies using them for securing their business internationally.