In this era of modern technology where every aspect of work and learning is being implemented at a quick pace. Automation helps to keep up with the ongoing trend. Retail and automobile industry are actively implementing automation in their work, and now eLearning is no exception.

With the pandemic, eLearning, though existent earlier, gain greater traction and is now set to be the next big industry. eLearning has evolved from the basic text courses to more interactive, classroom like virtual environments that aims to give every user the best learning experience. As AI started to get implemented in various platform eLearning made a major turnover.

What is automation in e-learning?

Automation in e-learning auto generates various personalized courses, assessments and content for learning online.

How to automate?

Results have proven that investing more time on the strategy than implementation builds more effective, interesting and engaging courses. Choosing automated tools for automation In eLearning saves time on designing and development and helps to focus more on planning.

Plans have to be made by understanding the needs and the interests of the learners. Effective implementation of the plan generates a good e-Learning platform that not only let the user use it to the best but also gain his/her satisfaction and retainment

Course authoring is nothing but developing employee training courses to be used within the organization. Using automated tools saves time.

Features of automation in eLearning

Let us get into the features of automation in eLearning.

Define algorithms

1.Make use of the algorithms to create eLearning content. Content display is based on the defined algorithms. Some of the user requirements are general. So, as soon as the user asks for a specific requirement, a predefined algorithm is called for functioning. It results in an appropriate content page. The user accessing the page must meet specific prerequisites. If failed to do so, the system guides the user to meet them by generating a suitable content page

Create e-learning assessments

Now that the user had used and learnt automated e-learning tutorials. As a next step, it is required that the user is assessed. How is it you are going to do it? Creating quiz or an online exam satisfies this, based on which one can evaluate the user’s performance.

Generate Personalized auto e-learning content

Now that the user is evaluated, one can guide him/her in the areas lacking performance by generating personalized tutorials that are user friendly.

Benefits of Automation e-learning

Saves time: Using automated tools generates assessments, reports and notifications. Automation also helps to give immediate feedback based on the users’ performance, thus saving time.

Personalized and enhanced Learning: Everyone has their individual goals and aspirations. In the modern world, we try to pursue them in many ways. Elearning is one such option available to use. Modern technologies, along with automation, helps build personalized automated eLearning.

e-tutorials have step by step course to guide the user and complete the course. Some of them may be familiar with specific topics. To personalize it, whoever is aware of the subject may be given an option to skip few chapters and complete the intended course. This way, users do not feel bored but find it enthusiastic.

Motivates learners: Automated learning gives the best learning experience. As a result, the skill and the knowledge gained with such experience motivates the users and drivers them to learn more.

More ROI: Return on Investment increases through Automation e-learning. Online training for the employees is a massive benefit for the employees and the employers as well. Upgrading the skills of the existing employees and training the new employees helps to learn new ideas and implement them in their work environment.

Does your business require Automated e-learning?

The answers would vary. Employee upskilling is a necessary organizational step. Getting an automated platform that can cater to the needs of the employees as per their interest areas is sure to help exponentially. If you are looking to introduce learning and development courses in your organization, it is a good idea to explore various online learning platforms to meet your needs. O-Cademy by ONPASSIVE is one such learning platform that is designed with intuitive interface that recognizes a learner’s need and speed and suggests courses accordingly.

With the eLearning business booming, many tech giants have moved into the sector to develop interactive interfaces that gives higher output with the best experience. With the realization of how effective an e-learning platform can be and how effective it can turn out to be many players are set to enter the field further. Incase you are in the education business then it is a great idea to introduce automation in your platform right now to make sure you stay ahead in the race.