I wish everyone a productive and successful week. Let us keep moving forward, no time to stop now. We are not waiting for anything, not even the launch of ONPASSIVE. We are moving forward together towards our future which is going to turn everything around in our lives. Very soon ladies and gentlemen, everything about us will be practically and different. Anyone who does not desire significant changes in their life simply does not need ONPASSIVE. Therefore, my fellow founders, since we all are here for this great life-changing experience, which is going to happen sooner than later, let us continue working together to see that dream come through. Remember, TEAMWORK MAKES DREAMS WORK!!!

One last shocking bit of information here my family, I have been studying some stuff about ONPASSIVE, and I have come to realize that anything that you think you already knew that ONPASSIVE is going to be, it could be ten times bigger. Just stop and think about that for a while.

Edward Williams – Jamaica