Respect Your Founding Position

Dear Founders,

Do you have the same feeling of satisfaction and peace from your future like me thanks to our ONPASSIVE? Aren’t you afraid of what will happen in a few years? Do you enjoy winning in your life by becoming the founder of this company? Are you looking forward to our meetings at events, trips or holidays, helping the world together and where people need it most?

It’s a beautiful feeling, isn’t it?

But remember, when you’re financially good enough, life is not about money, life is not about luxury, life is not just about fun.

Life is all about love, modesty, help and responsibility.

Don’t let money steal your happiness, and don’t make money control your life. Manage your life with love.

It said that money does not spoil the character, but that it reveals it. I believe that among our founders are all the right people with a good heart, who know what love is and what it is to help others. Don’t just look at yourself, but look at others, look at the world too. Educate yourself, learn throughout life, how to be a better person, how to love family and friends and your partner, how to make friends, how to help, how to support others.

It is very important! There are a lot of people who were ruined by money. Don’t let them do the same!

Education is the basis of life. In any area, evolve, whatever your age. Books are a fantastic tool if you are at home/web conferencing in modern life too. We have great motivators and speakers in our team of founders. I believe we will hear them many more times. And not just among us founders. Ash is an exceptional and knowledgeable speaker and motivator as well. Who loves his webinars? Hand up!

Be grateful for where you have gone. There is definitely some reason why you belong to 0.0017% of people from all over the world who became the founders of ONPASSIVE.

Do you realize that happiness? The probability of becoming a part of ONPASSIVE is not statistically high. And you took a chance and had the opportunity to be addressed by someone!

Respect your founding position, and respect your sponsor, Respect Ash’s work, the work of all employees. They are building our lives for us. They make us our lifestyle.

Personally, I thank them wholeheartedly.

Keep your humanity, modesty and love for people.

Have peace and love with ONPASSIVE for the rest of your life!

Have the life of your dreams!

We are in it to win it!