Revolutionize Your Business

In today’s world of technology, it is reasonable to miss on all the actual sound effect of artificial intelligence, which is out around us. If we look closely, there many industries already which have changed for better using AI like computer vision.

What is computer vision?

Computer Vision (CV) is the area of computer science that concentrates on replicating elements of the human vision method and empowering machines to understand and recognize things in media content like images and videos as humans do.

In a layman language, Computer Vision (CV) is developing techniques that help the machines to see and understand the media content like images and videos.

One of the most impactful reasons after the increase in computer vision is the volume of data we produce every day, which is utilized to teach and develop computer vision better.

Computer vision has earned a tremendous reputation in the past few years in multiple industries such as retail, insurance & security, and manufacturing. These sectors are taking full advantage of machine vision to improve their consumer experience.

Retail Industry:

The retail industry is the first industry to utilize computer vision to its fullest. Retailers can enhance their customer experience with the help of relevant data and insights into the data provided with computer vision. E-commerce started leveraging computer vision to personalize and streamline customers’ in-store shopping experience and offering them happiness.

Computer vision enables retailers with fast business operations, payment processing, and data collection. Retailers are practicing facial recognition using their store cameras, giving their frequent customers offers and discounts to increase their customer experience.

Insurance Industry:

The insurance industry is known as a time-consuming industry and requires a person to be present physically while the process takes place. Machine vision is an unavoidable pick for any insurer who wanted to capture the required information of the insured property, car, or person.

Machine vision helps in claim processing, underwriting, and delivering support. Machine learning strengthens the claim processing for a car accident by auto-detecting the broken parts and auto-assessment of the car and damages to prepare the claim amount. 

Machine learning also helps the insurance sector with roof damage where a drone shoots a video and then analyzes the video for the loss due to natural calamity to rooftop and process the claim amount.

Manufacturing Industry:

The manufacturing industry has a lot of areas where human presence is necessary, and the most important among all is quality assurance. Computer vision is even helping the manufacturers to spot minor issues that a human might miss and making quality assurance better and accurate.

In the words of Forbes, manufacturing defect detention can improve by 90% with the help of computer vision. It also identifies the surface imperfection, which is a significant task of quality assurance.

With the help of computer vision algorithms, identifying defected steel sheets or imbalance has reduced the old-fashioned manual effort during quality check.

Artificial Intelligence and computer vision are helping various industries in various ways to deliver the result, which are impressive and enhancing customer experience and comfort. Today’s world, where technology is empowering all the variants of a business it is required to implement AI technologies and an AI-based platform like ONPASSIVE for more reliable business and customer service.