AI and Social Media

From children’s toys to home appliances, AI is already revolutionizing every aspect of human lives. Artificial Intelligence has the capability to transform the way brands create and manage social media marketing. AI and social media marketing strategy, through connected activities, is making use of analytics, automation, content strategy and other data to identify individual behaviour, their preferences, beliefs and interests to personalize consumer experience. With the leverage of such valuable data, Artificially Intelligent systems become prediction machines, which can provide social media marketers the ultimate power.

AI and Social Media Marketers Transforming B2B Marketing

Lead Generation

The biggest challenge for any B2B marketing sphere is to gather quality leads. The best way to find leads is by going through the customer data. However, the traditional ways of data generation consume immense amount of time as it needs to be gathered, reviewed and organized data which is then targeted to the potential customers. Now, social media marketers, with the help of AI, can leverage the full potential of social networking platforms and websites to identify its target audience, and generate valuable leads for B2B campaigns in the matter of a few hours.

This will reduce the unnecessary man-hours invested on humdrum as well as enhance the quality and quantity of leads generated.

Personalizing B2B marketing

Personalization is the key for the transformation of B2B marketing sphere. Consumers are becoming more particular about their preferences and in the selection of different brands. It is very important for brands to understand their desire and act according to their needs.

AI empowers B2B marketing to create hyper personalization of the marketing campaigns. Artificial Intelligence will enable social media marketers to create customized messages which include emails, text messages, pop-up messages and ads, according to the client’s interest. This will allow brands to get more favourable responses from their potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

Most social media marketers agree with the fact that Influencer Marketing is among the most effective marketing strategies at present. Influencer Marketing saw a gradual rise during the Covid-19 pandemic. A study conducted by Nielson and Tap Influence stated that Return of Investment (ROI) generated by Influence Marketing is 11 times higher than traditional strategies.

Leveraging Influencers with huge followers on social networking platforms will allow any brand to spread out their messages to a mass audience and help to build in the public opinion. Since, B2B business have a widely diverse customer base, it is very crucial to identify the right influencers who perfectly fit with the brand’s DNA. AI-powered tools can help a business to identify the right influencers whose profile match with the needs and goals of the brand.

A good example of B2B Influencer marketing is when Microsoft partnered with National Geographic for a unique B2B marketing campaign called “Make What’s Next”, to empower women to pursue their dreams. For this, they leveraged the most famous adventure photographers to encourage young woman to work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

CRM in B2B

CRM refers to technologies, system, strategies, and processes that are adopted by Business to maintain and manage the relationship with their existing and potential customers, and it is extremely important in B2B context. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. AI facilitates CRM systems to analyze the behavioural patterns of customers and compile the data to track the individual leads in detail, making the day to day tasks easily automated.

Creation and Optimization of Content

In the past, social media marketing was much slower and marketers launched one B2B Marketing campaign in a month or two, due to lack of optimized content. AI tools empower social media marketers to create sensible and personalized contents according to user’s interest, and have enabled marketers to launch more campaigns.

The intervention of AI has also simplified and automated the tedious SEO task. The efficient nature of AI to break down complex task into simpler ones is saving valuable time and energy of the marketers.


The overlapping of AI with social media marketing tools is reaping benefits for many businesses globally. The integration of the two has opened up a whole new prospect in the marketing strategies and campaigns. The application of AI has made the launch of marketing campaign pretty easier and quicker, thus allowing the B2B social media marketers to save their valuable time and to utilize it for core activities.