AI and ML shape the future of tech

Artificial intelligence technology is all over the place. Congratulations: you’ve interacted with artificial intelligence technologies if you’ve Googled something, opened your phone using face recognition, or accepted auto correct while messaging in the last 24 hours.

It’s becoming more common in everyday life, and major corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, and Meta are aggressively investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements. Combined with the increasing demand for competent programmers, these developments make it evident that AI and machine learning will determine the future of technology.

The STEM education community is always on the lookout for the next great thing! All signs point to this rapidly changing field taking center stage.

This fall, iD Tech introduced a new course called Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification and a partnership with NVIDIA. This course, along with our other unrivaled virtual learning experiences tailored just for teenagers, is meant to help them build fantastic computing skills.

The course covers Python coding, cutting-edge hardware applications, and more and is designed to help youngsters get started in the exciting field of AI and ML. It’s the ideal learning environment for aspiring engineers, programmers, and future STEM leaders, and it’s guaranteed to open doors!

5 Compelling Reasons To Investigate AI & ML

There are several distinct advantages to knowing all about machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, in addition to all the compelling reasons to learn to code. Let’s look at what this entails for teenagers in more detail.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming the world. Machine learning and AI may be utilized for social benefit in various ways, from detecting early signs of cancer to arresting wildlife poachers and boosting farmer outcomes.

Exploring this topic, in other words, might lead to incredible, world-changing passion undertakings. Don’t get us wrong: learning about technology for the sake of learning about technology is worthwhile, but it becomes so much more significant to kids when it links with their other interests.

Teens might harness the power of technology to start their organization or develop a website dedicated to raising awareness for significant problems.

Recognize The Technology Of Today

Imagine reading through your news feed and comprehending how it functions. The number of real-world examples of machine learning and AI at work is practically unlimited, but few people can explain it, let alone improve the technology.

How many of us can honestly claim to understand how our smartphones, apps, tablets, and video games work? What algorithms determine which ads we view and which route we should take to get to work? Understanding how these technologies function is a game-changer that could lead to many new possibilities.

Digital literacy is becoming as important as reading literacy. While technology is becoming more readily available to children, this does not imply engagement or skill development.

Not only will working toward a better knowledge of machine learning and AI motivate youngsters to learn about the current trends, but they will also gain valuable digital skills in the process.

Colleges And Businesses Impressed By Abilities

This is a branch of computer science that goes beyond the fundamentals. As a result, a thorough understanding of machine learning and AI, as well as the countless other soft skills required to excel in this field, speaks volumes about a teen’s STEM education and experience.

What are the basic concepts in programming? What exactly are algorithms, and how do they function? These are just a handful of the numerous questions kids will face as they advance in sophistication and challenge.

And this is the kind of stuff that both colleges and companies want to see. Teens can impress admissions officers and stand out in the field of internship applicants by demonstrating their ability to persevere through hurdles and gain a depth of knowledge and a breadth of capabilities.

Develop Abilities Used In STEM Fields

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technology bring together a variety of STEM topics in a meaningful, multidisciplinary approach.

The latest technological advancements in AI and machine learning integrate everything from the calculus behind algorithms to the complex engineering of intelligent robots. While learning to code is essential, it is only one part of the puzzle.

One of the numerous advantages of learning Python is its foundation for more advanced technology.

As calculus is applied to large data sets, mathematicians can see their advanced skills in action. Teens can show off their multidisciplinary skills in this field.

Create A Strategic Industry

We’ve all heard the statistics about STEM education, such as this one: 3.5 million STEM positions will be unfilled by 2025. Those discrepancies, however, are not relatively dispersed across industries: whereas STEM jobs as a whole are expected to rise by 13% in the next several years, computer jobs will account for 71% of all new jobs.

What Does This Imply For Today’s Teenagers?

Developing a computer science competence is an intelligent “bet,” if you will, to make to prepare for a booming sector, and it’s one with a lot of reward potential. That isn’t to suggest that learning various STEM skills isn’t valuable; the connections across sectors and fields of study are evident. A concentration on technology, programming, and the inner workings of AI and machine learning, on the other hand, will strategically position teenagers for success.

That’s not only because data science, IT, software engineering, and other tech-related careers pay well; the supply of skilled people for these jobs simply doesn’t keep up with demand. Only 8% of STEM grads are in Computer Science, and this percentage must drastically increase if youth are to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in technology.


Begin a STEM path with a goal in mind.

There’s no better time than now to assist kids in achieving a competitive advantage and igniting a passion for technology. That’s why we’re so excited to collaborate with NVIDIA on a new course that will accomplish just that!

Check out our cutting-edge virtual programs for teens, developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most well-known IT companies. Teens do not have to pick between robotics and coding if they are interested in both.

To know more about artificial intelligence technology in STEM education, contact ONPASSIVE.