Role of Artificial Intelligence in HR

The present-day of Science and Technology has for sure garnered a lot of interest to combine AI in the HR of a particular organization. With the advancement of AI in almost every field of business and operations, the productivity and output of all these sectors have had a great change in the field of the HR Department as well. With the incorporation of AI, the organization and its employees are going to have a major change that is both tremendous and advantageous at the same time.

The integration of AI in HR will make the organization better in their efficiency as it would result in better analysis, predictions, diagnosis, and retention that help the HR Department in making effective and remarkable decisions that increase the efficiency of an organization.

Let us look at some of the Top Benefits of Integrating AI in HR:

Unbiased HR Reporting:

The integration of AI in HR is realistic. Most of the HR professionals have commented that this is a welcome move by the organizations as they would rather believe the decision of a robot than believing a human or in this case an HR manager. According to the researchers at Oracle/Future Workplace, it was revealed that in the year 2019,  50% of the workers are currently using an AI interface in the HR operations when compared to 32% in 2018 which shows that there has been a sharp increase of the usage of AI by various companies.

Enhancement of Talent Acquisition:

The role of AI is to the maximum in the field of Talent Acquisition as it is clearly one of the areas that have a dominant AI exposure. Integration of AI in Talent Acquisition helps in reducing the time of the hiring process, higher productivity of the HR Department, and increase in the delivery management of a candidate that is finalized for the job.

It is also to be noted that the recruiters of a particular company previously had to screen thousands of candidatures manually for a handful of positions which would result in duplication of time, energy, and work. However, with AI in the picture, the process of talent acquisition is no more a tedious task.

Resume Database on Smart Digital Platforms:

The shortlisted and selected candidates of a particular job have to complete the process of filling the information from their resume to the online platform which in itself is a tedious task. With the inclusion of AI in HR, this process is no more a lengthy process as the smart platform takes care of the entire process that is to done by the candidates.

 AI can easily extract the relevant information from the candidate’s resume and automatically upload the same information in the future renewal and filling processes of a particular candidate so that they are saved from the task of repetition.

Candidate Engagement with Chatbot:

With the integration of AI in Chatbots of a particular organization, the engagement of the candidates is made into an easy task as it does not need a live human being to actively engage the candidates. With the help of AI, this is made easy as the Chatbots have the capacity to have natural and human-like conversations which serve as the best way to assist the candidates in completing a specific task.

AI-backed Chatbots help the HR departments in understanding the human sentiment so that they can rectify the potential threats and increase engagement and reduce attrition which in turn improves the visibility and image of the organization.

Wrapping Up:

With constant updating in the field of AI and ML, the role of AI in different sectors of the business is getting a huge turnover as they help the companies to have leverage over the functioning of the employees with the HR department. With the integration of AI, the relationship between AI and HR is undergoing a huge change as it helps the employees and machines to understand and redefine their relationship which is made easier with the help of implementing AI at work.