Everyone’s life is dominated by autonomous Artificial Intelligence, regardless of what you believe. From ride sharing (Uber or Ola), commercial flight autopilots, facial detection and recognition technologies, email spam filtering, Robo readers to check plagiarism, social networking, and banking and financing, AI is improving the quality of the digital lifestyle.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that the AI revolution is the next great revolution after the Industrial Revolution. And by 2025, the AI revolution will have created a net of 2 million new work possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence has currently accomplished the following:

  • Multiple industries were disrupted
  • A seamless digital transformation was ensured
  • The global economy was revolutionized

So, it's no wonder that corporations are racing to incorporate the essence of AI into their operations.

Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Revolution In Business

As a result, the corporate world is experiencing significant digital upheaval. What do you believe is the driving force behind this transformation? Yes, it's all about the customer! However, given the changing nature of client expectations, this is easier said than done. Keeping up with customer demands necessitates a predictive analysis, which Artificial Intelligence excels at.

AI is a significant innovation that increases the productivity of many jobs while also creating millions of new entry-level and low-skilled positions and highly-skilled management positions. Businesses can use Digital IQ to gain a more profound knowledge of their company operations, content, and data. As a result, autonomous artificial intelligence plays a vital role in every digital transformation AI-based business strategy, and businesses recognize the value of obtaining visibility into their processes.

Furthermore, while considering an AI-based company plan for the following years, the pandemic plagued 2020 must be considered. By 2020, COVID-19 has been having a blast. The first few months of the year saw an economic slowdown that could generate more global financial problems. Businesses having only a formal internet presence fared the hardest, given how popular online shops became during the self-quarantine days.

Because of this competitiveness and the opportunities to obtain a more efficient workflow, improved client experience, and other advantages, incorporating AI into the business picture has become a requirement.

According to studies, AI in enterprises is expected to enhance productivity by 40 percent, resulting in a $2.9 trillion commercial value by 2021-22. While the figures above represent only one of the reasons why AI will be a significant player in the corporate world, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the idea.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Future Business Ventures

AI has acted as a powerful driver in evolving customer behaviors and marketing methods throughout the years. Even after the panic has passed, the corporate world will be looking at a new trend throughout their businesses in a pandemic-stricken planet. As the reality of the economic crisis sets in and the 'new normal' of its aftermath spreads, certain parts of an organization will require a significant business process transformation:

  • Costs
  • Revenues
  • Operating Models

In light of this, a self-driving AI in business can help brands succeed in a competitive market by leveraging a few advantages.

Top Three Dimensions Of AI

Here are the top three dimensions that are now altering due to the COVID-19 and can be addressed with AI.

Redundancy In The Value Chain

Before the pandemic, the global business's primary goal was to reduce time and cost through supply chains and logistical support. This advised that production be concentrated in one or two low-cost countries' high-volume factories.

Organizations were compelled to assess the benefits of redundancy in their current supply chain strategies – AI in supply chain and logistics – from a new perspective. And in the post-COVID era, this reassessment is critical for mitigating risks and weathering any looming global catastrophe.

AI-Based Solution: Companies can use autonomous artificial intelligence to solve problems.

  1. Optimize cost through better planning and predictive maintenance
  2. Build resilience into supply networks and manufacturing options
  3. By implementing modern 3D printing and autonomous robots that require fewer workers, you can run many efficient but modest facilities closer to clients

Consumption Patterns Are Changing

As a result of the pandemic, global client consumption has been impacted to the extent where brand revenues have been impacted. While internet shopping is on the rise, people are cutting back on luxury purchases as a result of their concerns about the economy.

AI-based Solution: To meet the needs of these changing customer consumption patterns, the majority of companies –

  1. Are considering using AI-enabled solutions to help them scale their top-line growth.
  2. Because AI can evaluate data from a variety of sources, it can assist businesses in identifying changes in customer preferences and new trends.
  3. Furthermore, AI in business aids in the hyper-personalization of products in order to increase customer sales and engagement.

Working From A Distance

Because of the pandemic, working from home has become the 'new normal.' And, while it may be transitory, as more employees realize the benefits of not having to commute for an hour, this flexibility will be in high demand. Organizations will need to develop new and unique strategies to engage their people's resources to meet this demand.

Solution Based On AI:

  1. Employers with AI companies will have an added edge in offering remote work scenarios due to the importance of modularity and agility in a software-centric organization.
  2. An online marketplace can use AI to recognize and promote on-demand and skilled labor.
  3. AI automation solutions can also assist businesses in using predictive analytics to identify operational issues and accurately estimate revenues.


To summarize, incorporating autonomous artificial intelligence into the business landscape is no longer an option but rather a requirement. Given the multiple benefits that AI will offer your company, it is critical to get started on this decision!

So, if you're interested in incorporating artificial intelligence into your company, get in touch with the ONPASSIVE team.