Role of Artificial Intelligence Product Manager in a Business

The growing trend to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into various products across a wide range of industries has brought the convergence of AI and product development into sharp focus.

Today’s market environment is diverse and rapidly changing. Users demand more from businesses, and they are taking advantage of user data to gain insights, solve complicated business challenges, and deliver solutions in previously unimaginable ways. Businesses of all sizes are dabbling in AI and machine learning in order to provide more value to their users and delight their customers. And for this, an AI expert is required. That is where the product manager comes into action.

Artificial Intelligence Product Manager

AI can help businesses tackle a variety of issues, but it isn’t the solution. In reality, there are numerous problems that can and should be addressed without the use of artificial intelligence. That is when the Product manager helps in determining which business problems are appropriate for Machine Learning and which should be solved using alternative methods such as simple rule-based programmes.

Product managers are important to consider the changing environment in order to remain competitive. Also when utilizing AI and machine learning to complete a specific task, Product Managers will weigh the pros and cons, such as selecting a model with high accuracy but a lot of optimization vs one with fair accuracy but far less ML effort. Artificial Intelligence Product Manager must realise and convince the company that AI is not a panacea and that realistic goals must be raised.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence Product Manager

Although standard product management tasks and skills apply to AI product management, below are few aspects of why Artificial Intelligence Product Manager is important:


In addition to the conventional product team and investors, AI PMs collaborate with data scientists and data engineers. AI project managers must be able to effectively deliver AI-powered specifications to data science teams.

Problem Mapping

Traditional product management needs problem mapping as a key component. However, in the face of AI, it’s important for AI PMs to remember to keep the consumer in mind. Though AI’s potential is intriguing, the task of an AI PM is still to solve a customer’s problem. AI isn’t a panacea; AI project managers must prioritise customer satisfaction.

Data knowledge

Knowing what questions to ask about customer data is a whole new skill set for a PM. As an Artificial Intelligence Product Manager, experts consider having hands-on experience or working knowledge of data and models to be an important ability.


Problem Mapping is not only the talent that only an AI PM possesses. All product managers must be outstanding communicators in order to be effective. A key element of Artificial intelligence focused product management is effective communication. Since they must translate the language of data science with the language of product creation, some AI experts refer to AI PMs as translators.

Explainable AI

Customer loyalty and retention, as well as overall business performance, are all dependent on trust. Customers can understand how AI makes decisions thanks to explainable AI. Explainability and product trust is the responsibility of AI PMs.

Ethical Implementation

AI ethics must be a constant consideration and deep concern for AI PMs. AI and machine learning are powerful tools, and an AI PM must note that great power comes as great accountability.


More than just the commodity must be converted by PMs. To help their businesses remain competitive in a brave, new AI environment, they must also recognise and encourage the benefits of AI adoption.

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To summarize, all AI companies have an AI Product Manager who is crucial to the business. Most people who speak the business language, recognize AI and are confident with the data needed in these organisations. That’s what an effective AI Product Manager contributes. Businesses will continue to face a mismatch between the company and AI implementations if they do not hire an AI Product Manager, as well as general dissatisfaction tends to follow. Contact us if you are looking to customize your products.